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  1. Sorry My bad, I am not caught up to date with everything, Don't got to bash me for it, Ill do my research next time i comment something..
  2. Would this be terrorism XD
  3. I swear to god that this armory robbery thing was being talked about like last week, And quickly made it happen!! great job! +1
  4. i did not say they should have guns, did not mean that. I meant how is the medic custody thing going to work with no guns or zips, to do that they would have to have guns. i dont want medic to have guns kavala is bad enough... I just see the whole custody thing being over used for rebles wont be killed by other rebles bc they are in medic custody
  5. Yes i agree with uncle bob, how are medic going to be able to put civs in custody when they cant hold a gun or zips, even if that was a thing that can be taken to far, for they wont get killed or taken by cops and rebles
  6. Im sure when medic become whitelisted soon after they rewrite the mission file and that stuff. there will be new rules put into play for medics and civ just likes cops
  7. Pretty sure they can, If needed. Lately i have noticed when the server's Crash/lagg, They have fixed them self's if you just wait a min
  8. +1 would be fun for more pvp at black market
  9. @Kevin Miller sorry bro did not know you were on XD we had live music
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