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  1. believe it or not i didn't first find out the phone told you the minutes left till restart by reading this thread. its just common fucking knowlage
  2. the fuck you mean an actual one the one at the top of the phone tells you the minutes left till restart
  3. how

    what the fuck lol
  4. how

    thats fucking wierd and unintentional. must have had the audio loaded in from a dif edit
  5. lol anime is shit
  6. lol no stinky game
  7. fyi i weighed it a few weeks ago, roughly 1500 in there. only like 1 a day, then again there are ALOT that never made it into the pot.
  8. lol i take the pull tab from almost every can of coke i drink. heres probobly 3 years worth
  9. i still haven't lost anything and i only put in what i was willing to loose
  10. aren't you like 9 or something
  11. i would honestly be fine with bitcoin hitting the shitter most of the stuff i had was put into iota/monoro but even those have hit the poo wich is really frustrating. i'm tryna somwwhat cash out by using bitcoin whenever i can to buy shit