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  1. please stop commenting on our forum thread, thank you Accepted
  2. damn still no offers huh. good luck holding onto these forever
  3. or admin SGTs actually, now that i think about it, we were joking the other day how SGTs get armored prowlers because they can get spar16 150rnd mags. i think all sgts can get 150rnd. just not too much of a reason to since they can use MXMs
  4. you are an angry individual
  5. money transactions are against server rules if you think my offer sucks, just wait till no one buys anything.
  6. I'll gladly buy the MXMs at 10k a piece, and the 100rnd 6.5s for 5k a piece
  7. People should be able to grow a small amount of cannabis in their homes per restart. make it similar to the scotch. either that, or you could process a small amount of cannabis into marijuana each restart. would be a neat way to make me want to buy a weed house and to help me get the joint operations title without grinding marijuana. passive income is fun,
  8. https://gyazo.com/cb8a79102163d76e80bacdacb0b0562f very good scotch setup, has made me millions. quite a nice amount of ingreds in one of them. WTS for 2.5 mil or higher depending on bids. has made me many mil so far, and one of the spawns are only 350 metres away from drug runner where you can pull cars. all fully upgraded with ageing barrels too.
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