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  1. i still haven't lost anything and i only put in what i was willing to loose
  2. aren't you like 9 or something
  3. huh
  4. i would honestly be fine with bitcoin hitting the shitter most of the stuff i had was put into iota/monoro but even those have hit the poo wich is really frustrating. i'm tryna somwwhat cash out by using bitcoin whenever i can to buy shit
  5. basically, the whole crypto market went tits up. i put in £70 originally and eventually through trading dif coins amassed a portfolio of like £370 around a month ago. all the way down to like £170 now make me feel a little better, anyone else lost a shit ton or na
  6. houses still going, drop me an offer or call in game (IGN is Rick)
  7. 400k
  8. what? i was saying the number of crates to denote the number it could hold. crates haven't transferred over for months i believe, regardless neither houses have anything in them
  9. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: large yellow + stone House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 220k (left) + 70k (right) Location (Town/DP#): Kavala Asking Price: price can be negotiated drop me a phone call in game ( in game name is Rick ) or pm me over the forums Description: 2 crater is 190m from square and 3 crater is 230m from HQ. good for Kavala rats Pictures/Video Walk-through
  10. lol can you do this more often. got like 3 coke runs done when you where the only cops on 4 hours ago
  11. true, but by actually putting work into the cartel people might be more inclined to fight it. its afk capped so much because nobody gives a shit but a unique cartel such as that may grow popular
  12. if someone was to put a price on it, how much would it go for