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  1. honestly no reason for it not to be. provided it gets updated people will use it often, dare i say this should be added to the wiki
  2. fucking fab, admins pin this cunt.
  3. why not just make the siren the same sound as the medics. wee woo wee woo + no initiation. ez
  4. honestly i don't see a problem with this. drex is just saying "hey i'm thinking of doing some gambling, anyone down?" a coupple botched poker games where you only stake 10k is not going to cause any kind of problems. no real issue with trying it out and seeing if it catches on
  5. oh fucking hell why
  6. maybe if you put it in english and price it easonably someone will actually fucking buy it
  7. a gtx 1050 isn't really a "strong" gpu, you need a major upgrade all round my friend
  8. the same reason we complain that its raining. its anoying, its frustraiting but that doesnt mean we cant talk about it.
  9. yes, as i said we cant automate something as complex as initiation. there is no feasable way.
  10. first off, pay no attention to the missing pfp, post count and shitty spelling. i have been playing on asylums servers for a few months this is more of a vent than anything because i am clueless as to a solution but would like to hear your thoughts. when you get killed in altis life by way of RDM it can be increadibly frustraiting. you just lost all your shit and the offender gets away scott free most of the time. when you get rdm(ed?) there is no way to get retribution in a reasonable timespan. you have to go through the massive hastle of filling out a forum and posting it, then wait sometimes days for your request to go through and it sometimes not even being accepted due to lack of evidence. now the admins work tirelessly on this server and do what they can, it is no fault of theirs that its such a flawed system its just that there really isnt a better option. creating a forum report is a pain in the ass for a number of reasons. #1 is it might not be worth posting a report because the damages are not that severe, but severe enough that it pisses you off and you have still lost assets. #2 because of the evidence needed. i get why we need such strict evidence, i wouldnt change that its just that not all of us can constantly record gameplay, arma is TERRIBLY optimised and im barley getting by as it is. that and there are issues such as "i didnt hear him" #3 is rdm is all to common, after a 4 hour session i dont want to fill out a forum for every single player that has broken the rules, its just not what i want to do with my time. if i compare this to gmod, (dont hate me, we are comparing the handling of offenders not games here) you can call on an admin pronto and he will sort it out there and then. put both of you together, talk over what happened and look at the logs for evidence. oh what i wouldnt give for a system like this in arma. now as i have stated before, the admins in this community work their asses off (props to them!) and are doing everything they can. its not a broken system but it is flawed, and much of it we cant do alot about. it is the nature of roleplay games, and i suppose its something ill have to learn to work around. once again, shitty spelling and grammar i know, sorry
  11. it doesnt even fucking matter, it is VERY rare that someone gives me the time to surrender. its normally HANDS UP OR DIE HANDS UP OR DIE *dead* weather i am surrendering or not
  12. the surrender animation is WAY to short. how about we make it near instant to put your hands up, but slower to put your hands down. that would be fucking perfect
  13. wrong place put it in real estate