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  1. Stalker:Call of pripyat
  2. good shooting cheif <3
  3. jaw dropped
  4. This had to be so satisfying, good shit dude
  5. thats absolute gold
  6. good shit man
  7. Suicide vests, enough said
  8. This is one of the best things Ive ever seen
  9. Didn't even need to watch the full thing, I just saw the vest and liked. Good shit dude <3
  10. Definitely don't recommend sitting in the corner but I'm glad you pulled it off, good shit dude <3
  11. The water spots are so juicy, I love it
  12. I feel for you dude im so sorry, this also hurt me XD
  13. I would have had a aneurysm has soon as I heard the steps
  14. Every Suicide vest is a good one, No matter what
  15. Some of those shots were fantastic dude, good shit <3