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  1. Careful when you post content about Identity, you might receive unprecedented hate:
  2. So wholesome, thank you <3. I don't even know where all this hate came from. i was just trying to entertain some folk ):
  3. lol I like the effort you put in, but lets be real. Wouldn't you say that Asylum has somewhat been neglected and Identity could be partially to blame? If not, what do you think caused to downfall of our beloved servers? I miss the glory days of early-to-mid 2017. I believe that was the golden age for our servers. At that time I would've never imagined the servers to take such a deep dive.
  4. Yea Christ fuck that. I'm done y'all can relax now.
  5. I feel enlightened, no game is truly free. Damn.
  6. "Asylum take notes."
  7. That's one way to fix a dying game. Asylum take notes. Oh wait... It's already free...
  8. Lmfao this community is so toxic
  9. Thank you for the constructive criticism.
  10. ~100 Rep in 3 days
  11. @Gen. Henry Arnold