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  1. I think just leave them without doors and put them to 10-15k and it will be fine.
  2. That would just make people pull less Ifrits... people with no money would run straight to chop once they have an ifrit.
  3. I mean it isn't even on the list of "Community Goals" and the whole reason people buy have gang houses is to avoid going to towns and have to deal with retards that bounty hunt to try ruin fights. There are more than enough other perks you gain from donating so I don't think it would effect it at all and if you also count the amount of money is made from the crates I'm sure they have no problem paying for the upkeep of the server. I mean lets be honest who is going to bash out runs that much in 2019 ArmA just to get an extra 30 seconds or whatever the time is off your timer. I reckon the unlimited death screen wouldn't be a great idea, initial idea would work a lot better imo.
  4. I don't know whats been changed but I feel like these are some must do changes for rebel life on V2 release. Add medical at rebels permanently (remove from donation goals) When logging off on cap it would spawn you 300-400m out of cap not where you last synced... Decrease quilin prices down to maximum 10k considering they have no doors 50k is stupid. Coloured hexes Automatically fill fuel of vehicle when pulled. Decrease or remove timer for rev'd people to revive others. Debit cards can buy all gear including weapons etc
  5. Roster updated for v2 when it comes out.
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