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  1. Will be back once they add in our gang wars winner title
  2. Tree put up a better fight than prime
  3. Yes, the competition was too easy!
  4. We would still fight but there is never anyone on.
  5. No I don't, it's what these kids say to act like they have an excuse about how shit they are. Try add me on steam another 5 times, I might accept you sometime.
  6. The ban was reduced to a 2 day, now stop posting about stuff you don't know about and leave the thread.
  7. Gave them a second chance and they still get 4-0'd... tragic
  8. Had to ban us we were wiping that hard...
  9. No rules were bent? The ban got reduced therefore I'm not banned for GW. I knew you were afraid of losing but I didn't think it was this bad...
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