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  1. Can you change the cartel syncing to it spawning you off cap like 300-400m away instead of random places like bottleneck...
  2. Might need to alter the environmental damage a bit more, I hit a tree and lose 80 hp, pretty sure it was better with seatbelts...
  3. Should definitely decrease ifrit price a bit but good patch.
  4. Nice one rag head
  5. Mostly all ultra
  6. I7 5820k, 980 ti
  7. 100+ bans went out yesterday, about 10 were people from asylum.
  8. Should be added past bottle neck somewhere.
  9. Only reason they were removed on Olympus was to reduce lag and force people to pull Ifrits, on here lag isn't a problem as the cleanup script is a lot different and people already pull Ifrits quite a lot therefore I don't see a reason to remove them.
  10. You/your friends came on temper ts trying to dox me twice yesterday and both times were fails only thing you got right were some of the steams... also it was not like I was trying to "hide" my ban considering it is my main account that is public, same name as my youtube etc. lmao don't lie.
  11. Who are you
  12. Nice montage