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  1. I got pulled out like 2min after mid fight and had to explain myself
  2. Why skip to 1:00 for a real shot
  3. Naw your just bad
  4. You only need one finger to use a sui @•ÐŠ• Mason
  5. If i had respond on ground it would have gone a lot quicker. Idk why I let Sammy try to bench snipe for so long. Dude couldn’t hit a building if he was in it.
  6. @Hoodlum Priest “Omg how did he down me. I was behind a house” Gotta get that head into cover a little faster
  7. Because rep doesn’t matter on a dead server. @Clint Beastwood
  8. @Coonigan h1z1 is a bad game
  9. “This Server Hates Me” Agreed
  10. Glass and Funyuns for 2018 cutest couple award
  11. Fixed em