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  1. Idk why but everyone in the hq just ignored it.
  2. this is the true use for the Mohawk
  3. Betttttt
  4. She’s 14 cone-R
  5. <3
  6. It’s been a fun few years on asylum with lots of fun moments and great people to share them with. Unfortunately with the decline in the community and the amount of work that’s been going on in my life I’ve got to make my farewell post. I’ll still play from time to time but it seems to me that this will probably be it. Here is a thanks to all the people that made asylum a blast @SafeMode told you that you would like this game @Shifty @Coonigan @dynasty381 You guys are brothers to me @TommyNac @Phillip @Vedalkenn The worst/funniest group of players that always ended up in every gang with me @Penguin_ @PublicEnemy @Twinkieyou guys made reliance worth while @PeytonCx carter is better than you @Crunchedd For inviting me to my first real gang and leading so many others that i was apart of. @Cory B As much as we didnt get along i still appreciate you accepting me into reliance, i made alot of good friends in the gang @Skroo^d. "Donor WA-BUL" @UNDERC0VER Idk how you were able to play drunk as much as you did but it was fun to watch @^Connor_K You got under my skin more than Jonny and thats saying something @Nomadox Lots of fun times @Johnny @Maric You'd sell you gang out for some redgul @The Ivan Many fun nights + your a burrito @BadBunny "You better motorboat them bitches" Big shout out to the admin staff. Also a special thanks to @Clint Beastwood for being a chill admin and @Mitch (IFRIT) For being a admin but not knowing combat-stance I'm sure there is many that i missed, and if you one of them i do apologize.
  7. If i see your name in side i wait and listen for the sound of an explosion that follows
  8. Solid montage
  9. Will be missed man
  10. You will be missed little Twinkie doge
  11. Dpi glitching confirmed
  12. @SafeMode @Nomadox @S k r o o d ^ and I’m pretty sure @Maric
  13. just message me when you want to buy it