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  1. Because rep doesn’t matter on a dead server. @Clint Beastwood
  2. @Coonigan h1z1 is a bad game
  3. “This Server Hates Me” Agreed
  4. Glass and Funyuns for 2018 cutest couple award
  5. Fixed em
  6. What heli
  7. @Clockwerk #UrNotMyCaptain
  8. Atleast he used combat stance
  9. Wow. Thanks asshole
  10. It’s because you made me baby sit your retarded Olympus gang
  11. You shouldn’t be gay. Not talking shit, just giving constructive criticism.
  12. Idk why but everyone in the hq just ignored it.
  13. this is the true use for the Mohawk
  14. Betttttt