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  1. Only if you could do it in a orca
  2. At least they put enough brain power to not use the same photo in their responses from the last time this happen
  3. Yah that was pretty dumb not gonna lie. Was just a heat of the moment thing
  4. it was suppose to refer to the fact i was not warned i was gonna be charged with disobeying. I should have clarified, and whats wrong with having a little fun in kav
  5. true. being sent to jail for 2 disobeying's was pretty gay too
  6. The whole thing is pretty retarded
  7. brokers thats all you got out of that video
  8. the sergeant?
  9. @Innateocean @Joe (StealthProxy) . Ideas from @SafeMode and @Google™ for the "when higher ups go on civ" video
  10. Yah man @Obu Obu Obu gave me a full ticket one time. What a corrupt cop
  11. i hang with safemode like every other day... and yah george came in town so we got a bite to eat, who wouldnt want to meet a good friend from online???
  12. thats so hurtful i just might just go on a water diet
  13. this would be a good one