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  1. 41k
  2. Example of a house listing Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 150k Location (Town/DP#): DP11 Asking Price: 320k Description: A beautiful, small town home, safe from the busy life of the main cities. Comes with door locks, windows, a staircase, and plenty of space for your possessions. Located near a church and a gas station. Easy access to the main road. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  3. xd not trying to get you in trouble but you guys were duping, so you're telling me one of your members robbed another member for 990k for no reason? "Just happened to be in the right place at the right time."
  4. Are you aware of how much you sound like a dick?
  5. Broke? Nah they were duping a mil a day or two ago.
  6. You'll be missed
  7. Buying police clothes Buying suppressors Buying black spar 17s Buying black MK-emrs Buying black spar 556s etc Message me offers or comment on here
  8. Gimme screenshots of inside crates and I'll do 360k
  9. I love how you ignored me, I would've payed good money for this house but it seems like you don't want to gimme screenshots. Probably lying about the crates being full of gear.
  10. Hello!??!! Screenshots of inside crates, I'm interested..
  11. Screenshots and if so I'll buy for 300k
  12. 75k houses and looking for 800k? Gl
  13. Rip you lost him xd
  14. I can't understand you so for that reason I'm out.
  15. Yeah I just had 650k from my last post I had, I reposted so I didn't adjust anything.