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  1. its not that it cant hold more then 60 people. its that server 4 is the laggiest server asylum has.
  2. why not take the worst server....(server 4 and 3) and keep 2 and 1
  3. ill give you 1k for 400 coke
  4. nooo one likes you jk love you
  5. Fuck yea
  6. Had a great time fucking around with you. you know where to find me and hopefully you get on sometimes
  7. we were all bugged it was retarded lol
  8. i have a gaming laptop that was only 1.1k and i can run arma and other games perfectly cant remember if this is the one i have but probably is.
  9. got shot in the head and only lost 1 hp......i got so mad that day
  10. you can just ask a rebel to buy it for you thats what i did when i was a bounty hunter
  11. they would be able to spawn, they'll just have to wait a minute or so
  12. i think that they should make a policy that forbid cops from spawning at HQ when its been taking over by civs because its not fair how they just spawn in and shoot you in the back
  13. they all look really good my favorite ones are the APD, free candy and the school bus
  14. lol