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  1. wheres server 2?
  2. people would be writing the n word all over the place
  3. Its been a while since i played with you and last time i played with you you were a cadet so sorry i never knew you actually did your ride along
  4. i was telling berk AKA error sorry
  5. oh woopss my bad berk LOOVE YOU
  6. you never made it past cadet but yea i agree we should get payed
  7. walter did you sell it already if not ill buy it for 250k
  8. just wait for the car to despawn
  9. 800k
  10. do you have an athira house?
  11. Im having issues with my loadout every time i load as a civ i lose my weapon but i still have my gear and bounty and it gives me my money back from when i bought stuff @Gnashes
  12. he has a good one in the square.
  13. Thx to my sgt @J. Urbanowski and Cpl @bbgreg17 this is a everyday thing. they bully me everyday.
  14. There's your problem
  15. how is parking spots gonna make asylum better?