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  1. Thats not a shootout i got clickbaited
  2. why would you lethal if you pushing up you shouldve switched to downing
  3. tanoa was a shit server only had like 10 people on it since not everyone had the dlc
  4. i disagree.
  5. just wasted 8 minutes of my life im never getting back
  6. People dont really care about what a corporal says cuz the cpl cant give them any points they are just a senior constable.
  7. dont you have some helicopters to exploit out of
  8. "Hands up or die" says the cop
  9. thats why i switched to it records the whole game session and i never had issues with it
  10. i got Goosebumps watching this
  11. nice but double tap c
  12. at 8 seconds you see roice being a shitter like always. im sorry roice i had to do it
  13. buck you need to start conversations with your viewers