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  1. Good joke dude
  2. Will we be able to spend our war points?
  3. So its bounty hunter but instead of turning them into prison you just kill them? or is there more to it.
  4. But will it make Asylum Great again?
  5. Fat RIP
  6. HEYY im in this C:
  7. So whats the probability of the update tomorrow?
  8. Is SCUM worth buying?
  9. @Poseidon Don't you think the terrain will launch somebody across the map and insta kill them? Well i guess it will stop them from using the DPI glitch
  10. What is this fov
  11. I think pit is still faster than the new gathering system.
  12. Soooo your gang kills restrained people all day? no wonder I never see you around
  13. Who wants my gamma case
  14. lmk