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  1. Server: House, Garage, Industrial Shed: Industrial Shed Size (220k): 2 crate Location (Town/DP#): near zaros and heroin processing Asking Price: 400k or best offer listed at 400k Description: 2 crate shed less then 1k from herorin pro and 1.3 from zaros Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  2. TO SOLVE TOXIC SHIT ban a shit load of kids and remove a few of the toxic af apd higherups who wave their e dick around thinking cos they have power they can do wht they want and not even listen
  3. oh now u call it by the right name
  4. maybe he added some traffic circles ?
  5. fixes gate fucks up server 10/10
  6. yeh but your an lt the way so many people see it is if your Cadet - cant do anything wrong constable - can have fun with people u trust and know otherwise ia for stuff srgs+ do without repercussions Corporal - same as constable just with bigger guns Srg - can fuck around but cant go on a full stanag spree cos he/she died LT/lt+ - can do what ever the fuck they like that would get anyone else points
  7. Guns not overpowered any gun is overpowered in the right hands a rook is op to a kid in kavala who likes to rdm and a mk1 is op in someones eyes to the kids who snipe from the castle .......
  8. Thats fine you all will be missed in the report section for lag switching rdm vdm and all the other shit u all do
  9. casper has a point 90% off the cops dont bother they just go oh shit im busy and go check drug areas and shit but holy shit is this place toxic af and hes probs some randy kav rook banger lol
  10. could make it so you get a cut of it iff you own it and like zaros a boost of a set % to the value of the car and maybe some other shit like discount meds who knows
  11. why u buying that game everyone knows its not coming out
  13. bye ganna miss being toxic af on civ with you
  14. not that it would help u as u seem to be perm banned for more time then u acc play on the server
  15. With the summer coming up we really just need a bunch of performance fixes and some more content added and more things to craft that arnt weapons and stuff like someone said clothing and the vests.