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  1. you have given me cancer
  2. get off ur ass get a job claim ur a student get it for $5 a month simple
  3. not worth buying 3 is hardly up
  4. 20FPS LMAO
  5. well since kitui kidnapped everyone 100x a reset no one drops it dont expect it in kavala tbh. simple solution on cop : dont negotiate with terrorists wait 10mins then log
  6. its good as it is as people now fight cos they can make it but add like proccesing to it or a special truck u need to transport it in
  7. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: house House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 120k long brown [ 3 crate ] Location (Town/DP#): pygros [ 1.5k out of it anyway] Asking Price: offers legit offers only please Description: 120k brown 3 crate house looking for a fast sale. It is 900m away from the ephedra field when it is a og location along with being 975m away from phosphorus. Could also be used to store cocaine in as its 2.3k away from processing and 3.7k away from field Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  8. @Gnashes @Gen. Henry Arnold @bamf How come hunters are not craft able ?. Rebs can craft them if they have arms dealer. So maybe you could have it that in the BH talent tree someone for around 25k honnor or something like that not to expensive though that you can learn it and have the ability to craft hunters ? One last thing why is honnor not comp able isnt it in a data base along with the money and other data ?
  9. cos it means work for the devs which they wont do untill u probs reach tier 5 of donation and it will last a month
  10. They need some sort of fucking thing to be dropped to turn in to stop it in the last hour i have had a total of 300k of bounty cl on me and i honestly cant be fucking bothered to report anymore cos its action taken 5 mins later there on doing the same shit
  11. @bamf @Gnashes found the fix for some reason when u get the full amount required for craft it fully it discounts it and returns the amount discounted to u
  12. doesnt work for me 2 got everything for it then check the wiki to see if i was missing anything turns out still cant craft
  13. lmao money grab like identity
  14. Lmao you code that way to do it then tell bamf before u start crying ight bb
  15. 150K