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  1. 150K
  2. not what i meant lmao i meant like cos the shitters are always in the road
  3. sometimes the sever doesnt register that you have been pardoned and as a result that happens best thing is to just hit some kavala autist with ur car like the norm down there and it updates and ur good to go
  4. thought tht got disabled a few updates ago
  5. Hows this work if ur already a donor and it hits teir 1 lmao
  6. where tf did u find that first thing
  7. would make it aids af as peoples bountys would just do that then shoot the living shit out of them
  8. is it was a bohemia issue every server would face these issues but no other server does asylum has already lost its playerbase u can see that by the fact they shut down 2 servers till the others lag tf out
  9. ill buy it off u now fpr 600k
  10. how much for your laka shed ?
  11. what do u even do in the game and how do u make money on it before i go buying things XD
  12. what ship would u recommend me getting it and give me a quick guide on how to play it
  13. Exactly the cop system is just a huge joke atm shit you do on civ affects if you get a promo or not and then when u call out the higher ups for abuse of powers on civ they say you show to much aggression when playing . Only once have i ever lost my shit and that was to an abusive p3 srg who keeps brining it up and then its the same feed back every month.
  14. you get 7.62s we are stuck with shitty 6.5s
  15. being a BH is just pure shit the rebbles have all the cool gear and will normally fuck you up BH players need more guns maybe a downing 7.62