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  1. unwhitelist apd and watch altis burn. Whitelist EMS and watch the world HEAL
  2. Hours(with a screenshot) https://gyazo.com/cb4bf98181781a9069ff5ad2dc0aee74 Age: 17 Previous gangs: Nemesis Is there anyone that can vouch for you in the gang? If so name them. Yusheng maybe Muffin How active are you, realistically? Every day.
  3. I feel like this could be done and not be hated by everyone if we could all just give our ideas and use it all to implement a system that makes sense rather than jumping to the conclusion that it cannot be done.
  4. Yeah i'm hoping we can find solutions to things like that. I made this thread in hopes to get everyones ideas and opinions.
  5. I like your reasoning thanks for the feedback
  6. I personally believe there could be a few ways of going about this. With dedicated white listed EMS there could be a whole new element of RP added to the server and a brand new and fresh thing that everyone could do. It could be similar to the APD to an extent with a sort of progression of rank. Obviously, there would have to be incentive, and a higher reward for the white listedd EMS to want to go through the trouble. This could be done through increasing the value awarded to EMS on their side while still only taking the 1.5k from civilians. Another incentive would be as the EMS are promoted to higher ranks they could unlock new and better equipment, such as better helicopters, better land vehicles, and possibly even differently styled uniforms like APD higher ups. If done correctly I believe this could be an awesome change for the better. Thanks EDIT: Please give all feedback on how this could be done or anything that you can think of. Positive and negative helps!
  7. 41001 take it or leave it
  8. I remember I was going to be in for a gangwars like over a year or two ago, but couldn't make it. Sad times.
  9. They made coke, heroin, and weed like that. But not barley... lmao
  10. Just to clear up. You guys know what field i'm talking about. The one near coke is not a true field, its a collection of bushes. Weed field doesn't run out of weed, and this is what i mean when i say we need a barley field
  11. Weed is a plant. Barley is a plant. You don't have to run around picking weed plants. Make a barley field where people can go pick that shit and not have to run around altis like a madman collecting bushes. I know i'm definitely not alone behind this.
  12. @Boby MXM or not I had a fun time bro lmfao. We were gonna take a picture with you before the hunter blew up Love you
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