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  1. Suck my balls crumpet boy
  2. My lawyer advises me not to answer
  3. @GO7NEY Looks like you'd be catching a Nike lawsuit too...
  4. Hours(with a screenshot) Age: 18 Previous gangs: Oblivion Is there anyone that can vouch for you in the gang? If so name them. Steve, Innate and maybe more How active are you, realistically? Waiting for V2. Will def play a lot then.
  5. I contacted the company that made the video and they are unable to get an answer from the right department on the song name. Probably not going to get the song. Sorry bud @Rodrigo
  6. Yeah I can link you my PayPal if you want.
  7. Update. Using an old 1366x768 60hz TV in the meantime. Big yikes Edit: This means if I get on and get a single kill I'm talking MEGA shit
  8. the more i think about it towards the end of my trip with like an hour left i was rolling 85 on i-40 when i had to slam on the brakes all the way down to 0 because a tow truck and three cars were in the middle of the fast lane stopped. i bet it happened then..
  9. bro i used some F A T blankets
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