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  1. I know some minecraft servers in need of devs just like you bro i gotchu
  2. Or excavate, run diamonds, or run weed. Those are all great options for new players. Peaches aren't the only thing new players can do and I definitely don't recommend it. When I first started playing I excavated with a box truck in kavala. Found friends to do it with and started getting robbed a lot less. Especially if you take an SDAR you can just shoot anyone trying to take your truck from the water. ezpz
  3. I almost never get caught in illegal areas by cops because you run meth in groups unless you want to be caught. Being new has everything to do with it. I don't know a single reason why a new player should do meth because as you said it is the endgame of making money.
  4. Maybe don't encourage new players to do meth right away???
  5. Run crank if meth is too hard for you. Currently, you can sit in your house and have an RV right outside the window and make crank. As long as there is no LT on it is 0 risk money as it seems meth is a bit too hard for you and your boys. On a second note now that school is back in session the server isn't nearly as populated as it was over break so it will be easier to run things like meth anyways.
  6. A gram is worth less than the pixels this shed is worth lmfao.
  7. Suck my balls crumpet boy
  8. My lawyer advises me not to answer
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