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  1. What DID you expect?
  2. Its a strong start in the right direction, but I also think some aiming towards some permanent community voted features would help to go along way too. For instance I agree 40k houses shouldnt have a monthly perk to having a crate... No one wants the cheapest house they cant depend will be able to access storage month to month. Make certain goals that arent time restricted and they will be added in. total donation goals could simply be like linear updates, the goal is reached, the next permanent addition is thrown into development. And having content/feature updates that the community can vote for would be pretty swell too. I personally am supportive of the removal of the cartel fridge. I feel sending the money directly to the gang bank would add incentive to holding and keeping the cartel at all costs, rather than only waiting for it to be full to go and pull the money. Not everyone may agree though, and seeing where a majority vote takes it would be a positive change to asylums update handling. I know what its like to want to have monetary return on the time you dedicate to something, especially so egregiously. Its a perfectly fair claim. I put my free time forward for a game project we're not even ALLOWED to monetize, albeit I joined to learn and have a great opportunity to be surrounded by other artists to help me, and that's the investment I get return on, but money would be nice too.
  3. another rollback on S1 hype @bamf
  4. strife was better anyway. RIP strife, you will be missed
  5. Bring Back Strife
  6. I liked strife better than KOTH or wasteland from a design standpoint. It has more places to fight and more fluidity than KOTH, and wasteland is a joke.
  7. but I thought it was fun. RIP
  8. sooo what happened to strife?
  9. so

    funny how the servers die once school started huh?
  10. Probably the biggest thing TBH
  11. That they released it in an unplayable state? It started very strong, and probably would still be too, had it worked properly. The problem is it's almost impossible to jump-start a game-mode that burnt out due to bugs.
  12. neato.
  13. we do?
  14. Really. This intrigues me. I did not know it would work for playing any server. Neat.
  15. My idea is a hybrid. Whitlisted medics would mean less medics more likely but dedicated medics which is good. Have some slots that are standard medics as they are now but a few extra slots for the "whitelisted" roles of medics with in-depth and enhanced capabilities within their arsenal of talents and equipment.