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  1. 10usd it's Logan Paul.
  2. a bold claim from someone actually now harassing someone on the forums.
  3. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 150k (3 crate) Location (Town/DP#): Zaros DP 9 turf Asking Price: $250k Description: Just meters outside the turf zone, perfect for right in-between rebel, Therisa, and the Turf. Its listed on the market, so have at it any time. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  4. Yup. Just today around 4 I was going to go run DP in my heli and this BH downed a medic for jokingly threatening him, but instead of being an adult and letting him be after that he continued to down the medic for 10 minutes, and I told him he should just let him go, he can't do anything, so he downed me too and had me up for 10 minutes. Not only does it suck that its not against the rules, but the cops were 30m from us and wouldn't respond or take action. Its clearly abuse of BH charge, discharging in city, kidnapping, etc, but cops don't care anymore. I had work at 5 and because I had to deal with this guy my time was wasted enough I just left to go to work. Makes me think twice before logging in again sometimes. You're either grinding, getting downed and locked up for 10 minutes, or are the trolls doing the downing.
  5. Right now I feel like my favorite moment is logging off. There's so much toxicity you can't even enjoy the social aspect of the game. Its literally grind drugs or get locked in a house and harassed for 10 minutes. Those are your gameplay options. Fun stuff.
  6. certainly not doing well right now either.
  7. A strong point from a man named "I have aids in my but." But really it's true. People troll, harass, and do what they can to try and get people to quit the game because they have no sense of respect for others or the game, and no reform or action is taken. Just yesterday I had someone come in and just start harassing, me, telling me he was only here to annoy me, pestering me and threatening me, not for any gameplay reason, just to be a dick. But people like that don't get banned. You're just told by the admins, "leave the area" and thats missing the point. When half of the playerbase are trolls and people literally verbally harassing you out the ass, or just locking you in their house for 10 minutes, there's no point to play. I don't play asylum to watch a meter fill up a truck with supplies. The money grind isn't the main part of the game, the social experiences you run into is what made asylum a great place to be 2+ years ago. If the only social experiences I can get now is someone I've never seen before calling me "a shrink dick piece of shit" as an opening line, then downing me and throwing me off a building, I'm not going to stay interested in asylum. I was just gone for 7 months, and I wanted to play life because its been a while and I wanted the experience. That's not what I am getting. If this is the type of behavior and community that asylum permits and lets run amuck, I have some serious concerns for Identity's success.
  8. If I login and its a lie we're cancelling identity
  9. This better not be satire and they best push DP mission fix now pls
  10. I don't think enforcing RP for this is needed, but I do think reform is in order. Zip-ties are for taking bounties or kidnapping for RP otherwise. Its become somewhat of a plague that people restrain and lock someone in a house with no goal in mind other than to make them stuck for 10 minutes. Whether it's because they don't like the person or they just get off at the thought of trolling either way, it should change. Its not healthy for the server when any new players come in and within five minutes are locked restrained alone in a house. That doesn't make new players want to come back. And for existing players, there are some where it's become harassment that some of these people WILL go out of their way to lock you up any chance they see you. Telling someone when they complain about it to "just stay away" or "leave kavala" isn't the proper answer. I find it somewhat hypocritical for admins to have a post about needing toxicity and harassment to be dialed back because it's getting out of hand, but when a player confronts those responsible for enforcing it we're just told "just leave." Because people will do just that. They aren't going to "just leave kavala." They're going to think twice about logging in because they know they're going to get harassed with no repercussion to those doing it. Being downed just to be locked in a house for 10 minutes isn't fun for the captive, and accomplishes nothing for the captor. @Mitch (IFRIT)
  11. I'm a first person nut and this is the probably the worst idea for fpp implementation I've seen. People going into a tpp experience don't want to be periodically enforced into a different perspective. A first person only server is the only way to satisfy those who want proper first person, but that won't ever happen on asylum.
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