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  1. this may be the most solid update to boot.
  2. No. Pull a .50 just to screw them over from leaving.
  3. haha did you play years ago? You used to have to spam join for upwards to an hour to get into ANY server at any point in the day.
  4. take out your .50 and leave them stranded on the rig?
  5. #PowerAbuse
  6. this is news to me. neat.
  7. ability to sell over 100 lethal mags? No that certainly doesnt raise an eyebrow at all.
  8. I probably would be on that list if I had the responsibility to keep up with it. RIP Titan AA launcher and spike strips
  9. ah.
  10. Don't you have the option to do exactly that at 'home improvement?' Or does that work differently?
  11. They still haven't dropped, huh?
  12. I ultimately feel it's a step in the right direction. If people currently feel they aren't making as much money from the auto deposits, thats really not to blame the new system, but rather to look into steps in making the activities the money come from more active. Why aren't very many people running drugs (drug cartel)? Why aren't people buying from rebel (Arms)? Why aren't people doing wongs (wongs)? Finding solutions that bring people into doing these activities more, then I think it will all balance out. Give a mouse a cookie effect. A man starts running more drugs, he's gonna want a bigger gun to go with it. This in turn could make the activities more active - and thereby, the game. Edit: And I don't even do cartels or participate in big gang stuff, but I do believe that a healthy cartel is one step towards a healthy rest of the gameplay economy.
  13. What DID you expect?
  14. Its a strong start in the right direction, but I also think some aiming towards some permanent community voted features would help to go along way too. For instance I agree 40k houses shouldnt have a monthly perk to having a crate... No one wants the cheapest house they cant depend will be able to access storage month to month. Make certain goals that arent time restricted and they will be added in. total donation goals could simply be like linear updates, the goal is reached, the next permanent addition is thrown into development. And having content/feature updates that the community can vote for would be pretty swell too. I personally am supportive of the removal of the cartel fridge. I feel sending the money directly to the gang bank would add incentive to holding and keeping the cartel at all costs, rather than only waiting for it to be full to go and pull the money. Not everyone may agree though, and seeing where a majority vote takes it would be a positive change to asylums update handling. I know what its like to want to have monetary return on the time you dedicate to something, especially so egregiously. Its a perfectly fair claim. I put my free time forward for a game project we're not even ALLOWED to monetize, albeit I joined to learn and have a great opportunity to be surrounded by other artists to help me, and that's the investment I get return on, but money would be nice too.
  15. another rollback on S1 hype @bamf