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  1. Weren't you leaving?
  2. Wiping people's long term end games and shutting down a whole server half the people still play on is not a good long term solution. want a more populated server? Get the regulars to stop being so unbearably toxic all the time and be a more welcoming community. The features make the game playable but it's the people that make the server happen.
  3. For any new player, tabbing out, looking up the website, making a ticket, and waiting for that ticket to be processed, is much longer than a minute, and far longer with greater effort than looking at the server list, and clicking something else. Path of least resistance. What necessary evil? because some asylum haters will come in and mass RDM? The regulars already do that
  4. Or remove the whitelist because we aren't going to get any new players that way
  5. Ghost0fDawn

    V2 feedback

    Its entirely possible that he just doesnt pay attention to the announcements but somehow makes it to this point to complain.
  6. Ghost0fDawn

    V2 feedback

    So do bans. Don't make everyone not have fun because some people don't follow rules.
  7. Remove the whitelist first and see what happens. If we go to one server dont nerf housing just to bring S2 back in a month.
  8. Ghost0fDawn

    V2 feedback

    I feel like that could be abused to just relog to avoid jail. Plus I'm not sure that adding a feature which would encourage someone to leave the server and go do something else is entirely good. Jail already takes you out of the mood and tab out, I think that would only further it. I get where you are coming from 100%. Cant imagine anyone likes a 45minute jail time. Should just have the max reduced.
  9. Ghost0fDawn

    V2 feedback

    Wait, so cops can get the pickup with the trailer canopy but not civs? This is easily more of a betrayal than anything.
  10. Thats great but.. its a scope.
  11. Finally I can go back to rapidly purchasing houses.
  12. This post won't stop me because I can't read!
  13. Its fucking broken and no one likes feeling the full weight of shitty netcode in a single gun.
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