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  1. Majed

    Server problem

    ahk for trash players
  2. Majed

    Server problem

    if you connect to server 1 it will kick you and you need to restart thats not a problem the problem is if you spam enter for 30 min to join a full server and get kicked... and even if i switch to another server it will kick me again cause i need to restart arma everytime i try to switch to another server @Mitch (IFRIT)
  3. a cpu would cost you 280+ and ram will cost you 200 if its ddr4
  4. Majed

    RaInBoW sIx mOnTaGe

    r6s is trash but, those clutches are insane
  5. Majed

    Nomadox Montage 3

    he pulled the plug
  6. Majed

    We Fucking Back!

    when's the new album coming out
  7. Majed

    Asylum #1

    finished my final exams time to enjoy asylum
  8. Majed

    Goodbye Post

  9. Majed

    Mouse and Keyboard Suggestions

    thats what i use loud af 1stplayer mk3 firerose
  10. Majed

    Gang Wars 6

    @Noliver. @Proud @ⓢⓐⓥⓐⓖⓔ :) @Dandy @Ski Mask The Tap God
  11. Majed

    Anyone got any good single player game suggestions?

    the walking dead
  12. Majed

    Asylum 1

  13. Majed


    he just yeeted on them