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  1. Not a bad idea, maybe go a different way about it? Maybe a plot like he said that takes up one create spot instead of storage/scotch?
  2. god tier player
  3. o7
  4. Nobody is complaining. I simply said that recently cops have been reciving more perks than rebels. It's a fact.
  5. Senless paragraphs. Nothing meaningful? Nobody said cops were game braking, simply that the recent updates have done more for cop than civ. It's a fact, LTs and Cpls are APD, no matter how many.
  6. Glad you're working so hard to analyize my personality. The attention flatters me.
  7. Now tell us everything cops have recived. Because being able to detonate sui vest with a hotkey instead of a scroll wheel means sooooo much. OMG! Bounties can go past 1 mil now !?! THANK YOU REBELS ARE OP! When cops and rebels are compared, 97% of the time we are talking about combat sitautions, and the argument is who has the edge. I went through the recent patch notes and without a doubt there are more apd benifits than rebels. The only think you listed that helps out rebels going against cops is the vehicles.