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  1. make it fucking happen please.
  2. That's just the thing. UC don't have rules they have to follow They do have to abide to normal processing as a cop, but for the most part, their rules are the same as civs.
  3. Did you play Sunday morning Lmao, i had too.
  4. i still RP
  5. who goes back to a fight with a rook? @Sean. Hit this guy with a hello? real quick
  6. Not starting a flame war just trying to understand it better. When i use to play cop and lethals were authorized, cops would take out 3-4 people and go back to tracer's (Now this is after a person is revived and lethal'd again.) As of late, say cops see a big group (8-12) of rebels, and lethals get authorized, why do they kill 90% of rebels before going back to tracers? Wouldn't you rather down restrain and process. Rebels favor being lethal's because no jail time, but cops should strive to down more after a couple kills so that they can make rebels incompetent to coming back to fights. Dont hate
  7. it wasn't though. Cops just never realized that you cant bum rush a bridge that's 300m long and survive in a paper car.
  8. Actually, I've seen a guide for getting money but not for fucking bitches. Can you add that one please?
  9. BH is the easiest way to make a fuck ton of money. Pussyassrebels just get salty af when they get arrested like yourself/
  10. I wanna be cool
  11. ^^
  12. that 1% minority though is where its at. Especially when that ifrit pushes at the right time and you dont get kicked
  13. I mean, that website is a stat tracker. It will tell you the total amount of hours played on asylum, or any game for that matter. You can search it for your name, IP, game mode. It will give you individual stats for games, or as a whole. Maybe i'm just misinterpreting your question.
  14. +1, If we can remove some of the major things that no one really does, it could help. I think i see one truck a month doing a DP mission.
  15. Lets just start over... Everyone will come back and play and there wil be fights all day. Erase the code and delete it and go back to 1.0