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  1. people are actually saying you fixed most of the problems.. so you fixed in a week what asylum staff couldnt in 2+ year
  2. cant you still orca glitch it ?
  3. lmfao, no fucking lie that looks like a young ass josh peck
  4. you dont know me at all then
  5. tldr past first sentence, but the phrase is risk=reward. dont run drugs until you know you can handle it.
  6. we used to do banks and feds and prisons with more than that on with group cap implemented to 12 people. stop fucking whining and learn how to shoot. you guys are all pampered idiots cause your parents probably do meth.
  7. i remember when you were a pubescent nobody
  8. I have a solution for you. Create a fucking gang and fight back. parents these days teaching their kids to be little B%$#@! instead of standing up for themselves
  9. this is a poll not your bitch thread gtfo
  10. because its called corruption. not following procedures. If he didnt seize it and wanted to mess around with you, while play a WHITELISTED SLOT, he would get in trouble. Especially if someone reported him for it, or a sgt above saw it while playing civ and just happened to look that way. look at that @Kevingreen23 beat me to my own point.
  11. the good ol days will never be back when cops knew their shit and people didn't complain about the APD 24/7. I haven't copped in around 2 years and i probably still retain more than 50% of the constables currently white listed.
  12. they will agree with me?? you kids complain too much
  13. i love it considering half of the cops i believe are playing on a laptop mouse pad.
  14. 3/4 of the server pop nowadays is nothing like it used to be. Most of these guys are so new they have no idea whats going on or some of them bring up topics from years and years of debate. APD has always been bitched about ever since group cap changed to 10 then brought to 12.... 14. Most people cant aim a gun and complain about APD guidelines not being followed they know nothing about
  15. is this what it means when they say be patient, admins and APD higher ups are always busy working on improving things?