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  1. @House. i feel like the cadets being racist impersonating what he assumes a white trash individual sounds like. nvm. whites are the majority here and you can only get banned for being racist for talking about minorities such as black, Mexicans or middle easterners. Sorry.
  2. denied. He will try to lock you in it and steal your car.
  3. When i watch the clips after recording, its super dark and random things freeze up on the recording. Here's a short vid of it. Its probably some random setting OBS has that needs to be turned off, but im not too good at tweaking it without completely fucking something up @TheRealLethal help me lol.
  4. OBS and R6. I cant record it. It gives me weird textures and is really dark. Anyone have a fix for that? Btw, NS
  5. It was taken yesterday afternoon, not this morning when most people are normally on. Just never uploaded it bc i was busy doing something. There's been a decline and no one can deny that. Everyone is fed up and whats left now is pretty much newbies that are still giving it a chance.
  6. Took this screenshot yesterday around 5p.m. EST. Normally server pop is around 75-80 but its been this way for about a month now.
  7. why tf did you put this up? Now people have your IP. lmao i hope you get Dossed
  8. WOW FIRST CLIP. A prime member that did not try to "Unintentionally" DPI glitch. Props to that guy Ns.
  9. Paratus must be this all knowing wizard with an IQ of 200. I mean everything we mention he must have though of already Just saying.
  10. tbh, the file used to be like 7k and now its 35k~ I dont think people would mind if it went up to 50k~ or more. So you have to download for another minute or two. Who cares at this pont?
  11. dude 2:46 i was tilted. I shot you twice in the head and you only dropped to 73? more tilt incming
  12. This.. lmao
  13. EST