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  1. its a meme, google it.
  2. second time i believe. first was was a forum perm
  3. wow, you must sick dick
  4. i left like april may of 2017. before the hurricanes
  5. thanks for the perm @BaDaBiNg_10-8 after a year of not playing!
  6. this ones better
  7. you werent hear a year ago then ha gnags were scared to fight because if you pulled an firit you were 80% certain it was gonna be lost due to mass kick and then someone running up and jumping in it when the servers came back. \ The fight was the first one to the ifrit, not the cartel .
  8. thers a group about this
  9. do ahks work in this game?
  10. 14 mk1s same as any vehicles, they all have same space when it comes to I space
  11. i have a better suggestion. Add a duping fountain to square. for ever 1 item/money/gear you put in it, it doubles said item. Problem solved, asylum is alive again
  12. massdrop= Massis proxy to his PAyPal bank account
  13. both of you stfu and lose your V cards already
  14. what youre saying is kids that dont have a deep voice shouldnt be accepted while kids with deep voices should. Its bias AS FUCK and its not the attitude the APD even wants. im not backing the APD here, i got removed for lethaling civs, and stealing cars while on cop, but youre argument is a fucking terrible one.