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  1. I found this rather entertaining tbh. breh. stahp.
  2. “The US gallon, which is equal to approximately 3.785 L, is legally defined as 231 cubic inches. A US liquid gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds or 3.78 kilograms at 62 °F (17 °C), making it about 16.6% lighter than the imperial gallon.”
  3. why would it be hidden?
  4. i didnt bother watching the video, i just assumed that is what he meant.
  5. It's not really a glitch. If you become wanted under one name and then you decide to change your name, bounty hunters as well as police will see you on their wanted list under the name that you first became wanted under. So in this case, antho acquired a bounty and then later on changed his name to "chief keef".
  6. no. it's not considered exploiting on our server.
  7. i honestly wish i was recording because it was pretty hilarious. between roice going into space and my hunter getting rekt and some rando vdmer getting what he had coming to him by getting blown the fuck up(not the op either)
  8. do you have the clip of you being sent flying @Roice
  9. wrong
  10. sit
  11. fake news
  12. link me your app
  13. how are you still "professional rebel"?
  14. hax