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  1. why would someone vote no to this? As long as they script it to where you have to have bounty hunter license in order to craft the gun, I say go for it.
  2. or you could go get laid like a normal fucking person
  3. Coc if a cpl tells a constable to do something then the general rule is that constable should do what they are told. Again not to say you should blindly follow orders. If you are asked to do something that you dont feel comfortable then you can bring up the circumstance/issue with a higher up (lt plus if necessary)
  4. Youre not wrong But you could be subjected to disciplinary action if you directly disobey. Not to say that you should blindly follow orders.
  5. yes and no. if a cpl+ tells you directly to do something then it's best for you to do so.(if you are below their rank. COC after all)
  6. that officer still could have charged you for kidnapping after the fact (server restart and he didn't arrest you nor were you lethaled) hopefully you logged off. still funny af and something that i might do to higher ups from now on when im on civ besides taking them on a boat ride
  7. (REAL QUICK HOW DO I EMBED. IM RETIRED/TARDED) ANYWAYS. good shit. what are your thoughts on this? I agree with the decision. this is a light rp server. Scenario: I roll up to coke. I stop to mark the area as clear but I'm still inside the red zone and while I'm in the map to mark the area i get killed. I never marked the area as clear. I'm going to drive back like a fucking bot. I want my car BACK NOW*. I MAY ALSO want my vehicle back that may be full of your drugs/guns that you've failed to get during a previous interaction but i had to rush into my own backup call. OPINIONS? I personally love the idea. If you can kill someone once then you should be able to do it again.
  8. With a montage like yours you proly should be
  9. Im sure he wasnt looking for your specific approval. If you see something that you dont like, you can keep your opinion to yourself.
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