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  1. this
  2. why you no double tap c
  3. why? you banned again?
  4. Word. It's very rare that I only give them a 1-5k reduction from a 20+ bounty if they have gear because I already know they are losing so much from their loadout. There have also been times where I've comped them for their gun but that is also very rare.
  5. rock>crack cocaine................. You meant rook. I know you meant rook. i made a bad joke.
  6. how would they use the rock to kill you if you've already seized the cocaine
  7. Omg the clip of you being in the truck had me dying
  8. what was your settings (targets per sec etc)
  9. until you run over 5k in game because you are stranded and dont want to lose any gear, i suggest you stfu please and ty.
  10. i liked it because of tupac
  11. I've been following these guys for a while and now I finally can see them. does anyone here listen to hardcore?
  12. see within this situation i dont have a problem playing along.. it's shitty he c/l'd on you
  13. if you kidnap me you better not unrestrain me. I will lethal you and yes i am well aware of what rank i am.
  14. Hi!

    nice to meet you good sir. Please feel free to browse our forum so you have a full understanding of in game rules and how to make money. good luck to you.
  15. fuckin ty. now i can sell the 5 fuel trucks i bought as a meme