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  1. Sp0on

    Ludde Montage 3

    1:07-1:19 i love the transition of music and clips...and that mother fucking 2 piece. good shit.
  2. Sp0on

    Montage 2

    $UICIDEBOY$? noice frags bro you're a beast.
  3. Sp0on

    RIP A legend

    I feel like there's a fucking a fat chick/ foot fetish joke in there
  4. Sp0on


    We found prime's competition
  5. Sp0on

    Introducing Psycosis The Unbreakable

    Fuck you psychosis
  6. Sp0on

    RIP Orca

    Wtf lol
  7. Sp0on


  8. Sp0on


    congrats on the unexpected win
  9. shhh** bada is getting up there he might not have much time left dont rub it in
  10. Sp0on

    Gang Wars 7

  11. Sp0on

    New server ?

    honestly i think Boris has made some valid points. you should look into joining a gang. The FSM is taking on new people and they work along side with the FSA (when they arent killing cops). There are massive bank robberies, feds and meth runs that we do EVERY day. once you get the hang of being on the server more you'll see that money isnt that hard to make. shit even taking the risk of getting a loadout and going to rob others doing drugs can be worth the risk.
  12. Sp0on

    Smee the scammer

    you mean the title, you jackass?