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  1. Rdm

    Rdm can only be addressed if you have evidence of the instance. what makes you think that since you aren't able to record and provide such evidence that the admin can do anything for you?
  2. obviously sarcasm is something that is hard to gauge within text.
  3. but ham; you dont understand what's it like to not being able to gear because the people that just killed you at the cartel are at the rebel too.
  4. i still hate the fact that im in this. you need to calm the fuck down sir no need to be so toxic this is a friendly community.
  5. that feel when you sell a coke processing house because you thought your sever was going to get the axe
  6. s3 is somewhere to be. rip bama. come back
  7. honestly you're better off selling to the market. there is no reason to buy a house in kavala unless it overlooks the square or the police hq and even then it's a kavala house. gl to you though.
  8. well good golly sir im so happy you have found out where you stand in life. Like gee wilickers i hope more ppl within your generation will come to terms with such things.
  9. lol wait. i didnt know thats how you spelled vdm.
  10. wait pain i literally thought you did nothing but paperwork for the apd. are you a real thing? (again?)<3
  11. why should i talk to an adult man? what if i want to talk to your mom?
  12. didnt you get banned for dpi? like why are you trying to be relevant? you dont fight fairly. i know im nobody but holy shit why do you still care about this fucking forum?