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  1. why all the hate this is a fucking rp server
  2. pretty entertaining to watch not gona lie.
  3. i want to like this twice
  4. I'm honestly glad that they are back. I've been very bored for a while now.
  5. and good job op. btw carry more flashbangs. they can save you 92 health.
  6. idk why you felt like you have to reply unless you have to defend yourself.
  7. lol that last mine. I like how you ran in and then saw it and ran out like " godfuckingdamnit!"
  8. you're still here? thought you ragequit
  9. get good,
  10. Xxx

    crust grindcore hardcore.....etc? yes yes yes and fuck you.
  11. Xxx

  12. you and the quilin started out with a rocky relationship but your love for each other has set sail for the stars.
  13. lol

    it's ok it happens to me alot. the difference is i dont have an extensive history for combat logging. <3