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  1. Report bad cops. You as a civilian have every right to do that.
  2. hq lockdown and breaching bank/fed needs to be part of ride along questions. We can't teach common sense. What we can do is remind APD officers that they have the responsibility to respect the civilians in every aspect while still doing our job. I'm not saying for cops to just run up and rp it out, because 9999/10000 of the times that will not work.(please try to rp anyways...you never know.)But to go full lethals when first approaching bank without intel about call outs is shit. To also let every fucking civilian inside an hq unchecked is horse shit. It is simple to tell them to leave or have them be restrained until their friend is handled. If they want to be the lawyer for their friend because their friend is shit at rp. ok. restrain the lawyer(with consent. if they dont consent then dont let the lawyer in). Watch the skies. watch the gates. simple.
  3. I'm pretty sure script failure and "accidental lethal" is synonymous in this day and age.
  4. (now to stay quasi on topic:
  5. (Side note. You have great taste in music. Slipknot...MM...Highly Suspect)
  6. Now do Only One!
  7. You shut your childish mouth
  8. ur a banana!!!


  9. wollie you would say anything to get more likes.
  10. btw. it was a head shot. the guy has cstats on. it was a one tap. a very lucky 1 tap considering the sway but if you look at the trajectory of how his body flew...it was indeed a headshot.
  11. i bet you that innate would kill you more than he loses helis.
  12. i have a 4 incher. i only got sgt because i thought my penis would grow more with the promotion.
  14. co-co-co-combo breaker.