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  1. Christian R

    Change Log 8.3.1

    bitch I've probably played more civ then you recently, shut yo monkey foot ass up
  2. Christian R

    Change Log 8.3.1

    I tried it out when I went UC and I immediately regretted buying the thing. Prefer my mxm over it. That's just my opinion on it though
  3. Christian R

    Change Log 8.3.1

    Well there's no point in getting it then. Katiba has a faster fire rate and if you want accuracy then any 7.62 is going to be your choice. Kinda pointless, but it's a change, so I appreciate it anyways
  4. Christian R

    Change Log 8.3.1

    I mean the Type 115's only strong suit is the .50 cal under barrel. I haven't been on to see if it's gonna be ammo for it or not
  5. Christian R

    Cartels grey out on cooldown

    Gangs should also be able to keep the cartel perks till the contesting starts to up cap. Really irritating when you're running meth and drug just gets tapped
  6. Christian R

    Best Rage 2019

    Yo this made my day, he was raging so hard. I really thought about cucking him
  7. Christian R

    Oil Cartel Fix

    +1 plz
  8. Christian R

    Buyable Businesses / ATM Buildings

    it isn't but it would give it a reason to be implemented
  9. Christian R

    Buyable Businesses / ATM Buildings

    +1 sounds dope as hell. Plus as a balance the property tax could affect businesses, so it doesn't become too OP
  10. Christian R


    Took them long enough to shut down S3. There was no point in keeping it up for the past couple of months.
  11. Christian R


    10/10 not like these servers can get any worse
  12. Christian R

    Implement a way to downvote posts

    I laughed way too hard at that picture
  13. Christian R

    DS Randy lol

    Yusheng is my spirit animal, also Randy you deserve a medal for that shit
  14. Christian R

    RIP Hunter

    I mean technically "Hands up or die" while inside a moving vehicle is something they can't comply with
  15. Christian R

    Gang Life Ideas v.2

    Wouldn't removing those lessen the HQ attacks. I would say most HQ attacks are actually from those. Heli comes in and drops people on tower and then proceed to shut down Pyrgos. That's just my opinion though