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  1. I laughed way too hard at that picture
  2. Yusheng is my spirit animal, also Randy you deserve a medal for that shit
  3. I mean technically "Hands up or die" while inside a moving vehicle is something they can't comply with
  4. Wouldn't removing those lessen the HQ attacks. I would say most HQ attacks are actually from those. Heli comes in and drops people on tower and then proceed to shut down Pyrgos. That's just my opinion though
  5. This topic is so stupid lol
  8. I don't know if I could honestly vote on this strawpoll. I had no idea what they were saying once they started screaming over each other lol
  9. the roasting is strong with this post
  10. well then time to get that player report in then
  11. It also depends on where the grenade landed
  12. lol is this entire thing of Tarro? +1 for stealing his "clout" again
  13. They just got their shit kicked in
  14. Agreed, who the fuck is that kid
  15. because Tarro is being passive as hell and wouldn't post it himself