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  1. Lol I was there "chasing" him that day. His definition of getting away clean is him "evading" while the server was taking a complete shit and then later turning himself in next to a broken ifrit. Let's not edit the video to make yourself look cool
  2. Just because you would be the one in the ghost hawk doesn't mean you gotta -1 him
  3. Why are you still here? No one likes you.
  4. Let's make it happen boys!!!
  5. Later bro, it was fun while it lasted
  6. Am I the only one who sees the "Ticket guide" and that's it? I kinda wanna see this mini-guidebook
  7. you got the link for Blastcore. I can't seem to find it
  8. I'm currently using that now, as of like 1 hr ago
  9. I meant mods on my end, not a modded server
  10. So I've been meaning to look into mods that I can use with Asylum because as of now it's starting to get a little bland. If anyone has any mods they use that's compatible with Asylum let me know, please.
  11. Well, it could honestly just be the virtual inventory of a hemmt. You would have to kill the cops and everyone around and then lockpick the vehicle. This would force you to either bring your own vehicle or just take the vehicle with all the loot inside. Another interesting thing they could do, like some high-interest convoys in real life, have decoys as well. either having multiple "loot" vehicles in the same convoy but with 1 true loot or having them split off and having the civs and rebels gamble for the right one. The 2nd option will have the routes planned out for the civs to know, of course
  12. Well, that would just be boring as shit and a waste of everyone's time, if someone just blew it up. The whole point would be to loot the vehicles' content.
  13. +1 Maybe not all the evidence seized but a good chunk of gold bars/banded notes/drugs would be a great idea.
  14. Think it's the same across all the servers. S3 is the same way
  15. because it's off-topic regarding Asylum?