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  1. I don't know if I could honestly vote on this strawpoll. I had no idea what they were saying once they started screaming over each other lol
  2. the roasting is strong with this post
  3. well then time to get that player report in then
  4. It also depends on where the grenade landed
  5. lol is this entire thing of Tarro? +1 for stealing his "clout" again
  6. They just got their shit kicked in
  7. Agreed, who the fuck is that kid
  8. because Tarro is being passive as hell and wouldn't post it himself
  9. Billy you would be the one to make an all RPG montage
  10. Do cops and BHs not have easy access to it now? We get there the same way as anyone else? Am I missing something that makes it difficult for cops & BHs?
  11. It was Austin Rogers. Hands down one of the funniest part
  12. That's when you play along to their claims and start "panicking" and screw with them at the end lol
  13. Teach me your ways of the finger. It's depressing being fingerless
  14. lol, took your ass long enough
  15. Lol I was there "chasing" him that day. His definition of getting away clean is him "evading" while the server was taking a complete shit and then later turning himself in next to a broken ifrit. Let's not edit the video to make yourself look cool