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  1. What's on your mind?

  2. I thought you only had to be gangless to get into this gang, I made gangs just so rapidkillz would stop his hourly invite spam.
  3. How are not more of you dead after that explosion?
  4. Ron D

    Forum drama

    That makes two of us
  5. Ron D


    Plenty of wet water in Kavala and I'm not talking about the sea.
  6. His job, his family, his friends, his porn to passing you, I do not envy such sacrifices, respect
  7. Ron D


    Now Chinese be living closer to Kavala, we can't have this!
  8. Ron D


    you had me beat at 500k
  9. Don't egg my house this year please
  10. I would like this change, I keep having to check map whilst driving and have hit so many lamp posts
  11. Now scatter his ashes into the deepest ocean, just to be sure
  12. Just kavala rats like the rest of us, they ain't nufthin to worry bout.
  13. I'm waiting patiently for the sequel to Monster Girl Island, fingers crossed
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