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  1. @Chow Mein
  2. Server?
  3. Problem just fixed on its own
  4. the only thing different i've done in the past two days was unsubscribe to everything on arma 3 workshop
  5. Nah I haven’t messed with anything it just stopped allowing me to join out of nowhere
  6. I’m gonna try port forwarding
  7. still no luck:( thanks anyways
  8. Been getting this error on only asylum's servers was wondering if anyone possibly has a fix.
  9. nice exploit 1:30
  10. See ya handsome
  11. Suggestion : swap drug cartels locations with arms Pretty much drug is the only cartel gangs will bother fighting due to the benefit it offers but has two areas that aren’t the best to fight at. Swapping drug’s locations with arms would make fighting much more enjoyable and worthwhile for the gangs that only fight cartels for fun as well as bring more variety to the gangs that would only bother contesting drug for the purpose of making money
  12. bump
  13. o7 rat.Good luck at school
  14. I have failed you both