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  1. 他们希望让其他服务器保持满满状态,看看它们如何防止它们崩溃
  2. looking for kavala rebel houses/sheds
  3. Either remove csats from clothing shop and rework the warpoint system using the current csats and new options as a reward or remove csats completely. Pretty boring seeing the same 2-3 outfits on rebels
  4. Gratz boys well deserved @Nino Brown @Azeh @Leroy Jenkins
  5. Could be a new possible spot for a arms island rebel credit to @TheCrestedPenguin for the design
  6. Use me as a dislike button
  7. The average asylum player is not going to be able to drop and kill a prowler full of cops. I’m also certain you would not be able to either so I’m not sure why you are using that to make a point
  8. Remove quilins from civs so we're stuck outrunning cops in hatches and breaking a tire every 5 seconds while they cruise through everything in a quilin with guys in gunner? nah lol
  9. More like you just whiffed your mag