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  1. 1st
  2. Looking for any 3 crate scotch houses / sheds on s2
  3. will we get armor stack removed anytime soon? @bamf
  4. thanks again to everyone who helped put this gang wars together.Sorry if i miss anybody @Roice @Gen. Henry Arnold @Reapered @Goku
  5. Wow
  6. no flame plz
  7. trying to give your gang an easy first round?hmm
  8. @CwilliamY
  9. Figured I'd make this post considering armor stack has been out constantly for the past few months due to the community rewards and i was curious to hear the current opinion on it. I propose that csats & tier4 vests be added to a infamy or warpoints shop. If added to a infamy shop it'd provide a larger use for infamy points once the rebel tree is completely filled up. If added to a warpoints shop then warpoints would be worth something and not just a useless mechanic within the server. Either way it's more content for people who play as a rebel to enjoy. I'm also aware that it'd be basically copying off of olympus but if it would be something that is potentially beneficial for the community I think it shouldn't matter.
  10. The money cap and prestige system is counterproductive due to the fact that it basically removes whatever desire players had to make money once they hit it. Without a money cap I can guarantee the community as a whole would be more keen to blow money on load outs which would create more activity in the server. It’s a waste that 75% of my prestige can never be used when it could be spent having fun on the server and creating activity for civs as well as cops. The rewards from prestige are pretty weak and if the devs have no plan on removing money cap they should atleast consider buffing the achievement rewards.
  11. Gangs take long enough as it is re pushing I think having a free fire zone rebel could keep players from getting bored and logging off if the fights are continuous
  12. If the server is gonna go down you’ll be given an opportunity to get on and sell your houses
  13. It has potential but you guys should probably work on reworking current content like war points and the cartel system.
  14. denied from arctic btw