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  1. @pavdog
  2. Could be just a coincidence but usually when we have more than 3-4 guys at a cartel the server starts to go to shit
  3. I wish there was an unlike button.
  4. If you just avoid sending any stupid 911 messages / threatening an ia and you don’t break any server rules you shouldn’t end up with any points from being on civ. Even if something comes up the lts will usually work with you on resolving the situation unless they realize you’re a total moron
  5. b looking for any og meth shed as well
  6. Best grocery bagger in the tri-state area
  7. Nice vid. Looks like all those hours in roblox paid off
  8. what did i just watch
  9. beepboop
  10. B all still for sale
  11. All Hail Plarka
  12. For how much bucko
  13. Fixed
  14. You could just get your feedback and try again for the next month lol. They have other precincts than the one you are applying on
  15. Toxic