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  1. Just hit me up when I’m on
  2. I’m just utterly confused at this point
  3. Might have posted this already
  4. Why u be makin’ montages my guy, that’s my job/meme
  5. Must’ve forgot that 1 when I made a tarkovtage
  6. #13

    Why no viper?
  7. sorry skrood
  8. This is not to start beef with Noliver and the crew, this is just for fun. I welcome Aperture to make a montage killing us from TBB.
  9. Just getting tierd of arma as a whole, I just don't think arma is fun anymore. Been playing for almost 3,5k hours.
  10. If u r up for a 1v1 or somthin add me on steam Loke2001
  11. I don't feel like asylum is the server for me, so this is my last montage on asylum. Song: Swedish National Anthem