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  1. i know its 1k per KM but how much is it now
  2. does that mean you can make all of DH dance
  3. Hours(with a screenshot) Age: 15 Previous gangs: Rcn,Spartan,Full Send Is there anyone that can vouch for you in the gang? If so name them: Huan Lee, How active are you, realistically? Very Active
  4. he is saying that olympus is V2 and a better server in his opinion
  5. Name - Infarat What makes you dirty - I rat cartels and play in the oil at oil cartel What makes you grass - I am one with the grass behind star rock
  6. sounds like no life fun I would like to no life on asylum
  8. there are so many admins that dont do shit that just sit there with tags (not pointing any fingers)
  9. how the fuck did he get that vest
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