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  1. This is a hard one, but I think @Gen. Henry Arnold takes this one home , in the cute factor. Fluffiest thing i've seen. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. 'Constructive Criticism" isn't putting a question mark on a post or making fun of someones age. Lol, you guys are just being toxic
  3. You're the one being toxic on my montage man lol its for fun
  4. Thanks man, appreciate it glad you actually enjoyed it lmao
  5. Yes, glad your fathers eye disease didn't get to you and you can see that its a adult game. But without people who arent adults you wouldnt get wiped every time you challenge me you actual fucking donut.
  6. This is for Humor, I've collected clips over the couple months of playing to make a Jihadtage. Don't take this serious lmao, this isnt a skill montage its for humor. It was nice making this montage going through different gangs like, VP, Mayhem, Reckless, Altis pistol bangers, Full send, and more gangs. Big thanks to @Demon!, @Infamous [FULL SEND], @Jcore, @Goofi, @KAI <3, @BaDaBiNg_10-8, All of Isis @Jihadi John, @rick the poonslayer, and more people. Also would like to say sorry for the people I bothered if i ever did, @Mitch (IFRIT), most of all the admins, and some people in shit talking. This took a while too make, but came in a perfect time for v2. Enjoy the montage, and have fun lmao. 07 Badabing and Jihadi John (No Duning, pullers, or lag switches were used in the making)
  7. +1 I think people don't get enough recognition with the high bounties. its great for Infamous rebels ;))
  8. Kaspe was in fullsend? Do you have a brain tumor. I hated Kaspe he was a true cheater, and Demon got banned for koth which is one person out of used to be like 10 MONG
  9. None of my gang cheat at all lol, Demon was the only one who used it on koth.... If you're saying Johns is in my gang wrong. And didnt you get permed for like a year?
  10. So you get wiped by a "12" year old . Got it.
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