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  1. I’m just gonna say but bada and Clint and Mitch have my full support from what I have seen it is quite obvious that they truely do care about asylum and its community when the old owner gave up on it they bought it and brought it back to life I remember the server would have these terrible crashes that would cause me to lose hundreds and thousands of dollars but you know what they fixed some stuff and it got better the crashes became way less often and when it did happen it would recover ever since they started working on it think about it this way if they didn’t care they wouldn’t make a response yet here we have Mitch taking time out of his day to make a response to the community and it wasn’t and short ‘yea were working on it’ no it was detailed and explained why things were happening like why Stellar’s recuritment forum is hidden etc but if they really didn’t care they wouldn’t bother fixing cause they make a shit ton of money off of it anyway so I may be 14 but what I have seen from this dev team is true dedication so you can complain all you want but it won’t make the server perform better.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0rrmnAEsi4
  3. Good job Walt but you spelled my name wrong lmao it’s all good tho.
  4. It was fun glad I could join in hopefully next time I won’t wake up at 7 in the morning for it tho.
  5. @Mitch (IFRIT) welp I guess I know what ill be spending my next years Christmas money on!
  6. ok good cause you sound like an asshole anyway tbh
  7. wanted to make sure the shot was lined up
  8. nah I just started using recording software recently and just like posting stuff tbh
  9. maybe I should've put in the fight at drug cartel where yall 1v3 me and I make 2 of ya sit but meh
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