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  1. Would not have been a good look if it took them longer to figure it out... Funny idea, though.
  2. @Steve
  3. No means yes here, right?
  4. I’m the real carry here, lets be honest.
  5. Well then I hope that one day we can buy them everywhere
  6. See, but what if I want to spawn at my rebel house? Or a gang house? I just don't know why the ability to buy them there was removed in the first place.
  7. Why can I no longer buy straw hats at rebel/skiptracer? The straw hat is an unreplaceable part of my loadout, not being able to buy it at rebels and skips is making me very sad.
  8. Lets GO!
  9. This man speaks the truth
  10. R6

    im the biggest finka main in existence dog
  11. Oh, he knows that. We've told him countless times. Fuck you innate lmao
  12. I’ll take it
  14. apparently ivan tought him how to cook eggs, but it doesn't look like it
  15. live now come watch at your favorite estonian makes scrambled eggs