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  1. Never got banned for ls
  2. what?
  3. you are trash at the game you cant fly shut up retard
  4. Its September 6 where is rebel treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  5. You are a fucking idiot if you can’t pass that test you must fail in school I didn’t watch video or view threads it’s common fucking sense
  6. You are full of stupid shit to suggest I’m currently bored and scrolling through your bullshit why make a bridge where cops can barley go and then you will have idiots sit on the fucking thing and vdm
  7. Asylum is a NO RP SERVER go play a hard rp server fuck off
  8. Fuck the cops make a limit based off how many civs are on I’m tired of seeing like 20-30 people on civ and then I look and like 12-15 cops on fuck that you kill them and it’s a constant flow of idiots coming and when you run out of ammo you get busted then full ticketed and sent to jail or they will have that many cops and go full lethal
  9. You need to have 10 people on the server in order to drugs successfully and hope they don’t got 15 cops on we are forced to do drug runs in trucks that can easily get fucked over by cops they just load up 10 in a prowler and dick you so just fuck them all
  10. Before like a few months ago I would call you a fucking idiot but considering 30 civs and 15 cops on I think this is a good idea
  11. “Work your way up” no skill needed just these
  12. They can’t even fly humming birds lets give them orcas (I landed an orca with about 8 people and around 10 cops are chasing 3 orcas 2 hummingbirds and this fucking bitch has to try to be a hero and he crashes because he is a shitter and then blows my orca up and kills everyone. Fuck off with the orca idea.)
  13. We got the next support member fuck off nothing new in months Poseidon has fixed a lot but asylum is far fucked just enjoy what’s left of the server and let her die in peace
  14. he knows who he is no need to say it
  15. I understand they gotta get paid but when it takes 2 fucking weeks for me to get a comp and I see around 3 admins per day online dicking off blowing shit up killing people its a little out of hand