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  1. I bet the first thing he fixes are battle eye kicks.
  2. #1 only has like 30ish mil. I don't know about the rest.
  3. 2 Week game btw
  4. I think the balance in armors for civs and cops is pretty perfect right now. Idk wtf you're talking about saying cops tank 4-7 mk shots. I consistently kill them within 1-3 shots. Usually just 1.
  5. lmao "Hey cucklord"
  6. Video should have ended with someone waking up from a dream and then suddenly getting battle eye kicked. Haha good video though! I liked it.
  7. If I see you kill a girl on the server and you DON'T do #e Pushup or #e Squat on top of her body, I'll make sure you get banned. In all seriousness though, you can say whatever you want as long as its not Racist basically. You might find a Nazi admin (because we have em) that might sperg out about someone saying faggot in game, but most of them probably won't care. This is a VERY light RP server. We have a lot of fun RPing around here, but we don't take it very seriously. Just make sure you're initiating properly if you want to kill someone, and don't say anything racist or threaten to ddos anyone(Cause we'll ban your dumbass for that). Other than that, Have fun!
  8. IR15HPR1DE Used to be my AWESOME xbox gamertag back when I was like 12 years old, and I had this friend on there who was constantly baked and didn't know what my name said. So instead of asking me, he just started calling me Shepherd. I was called that for like a year before I just decided to change my name to it. I spell it Shepurd because it was available as a gamertag if I spelled it like that.
  9. song name?
  10. @Tiger
  11. This is honestly something that is super important. Every time the server restarts, the bank and fed completely empty and takes ages to fill up enough to make them worth doing. Also, I'm not sure if this is still true or not, but I'm pretty sure the prison has a 45 minute timer after restarts before anyone can start it. All this does is make the server more dead than it already is after restarts. If the timer on the prison was removed(assuming that's still a thing), and the money/bars was at least 75% full in both the fed and bank, there would actually be something rebels can go and do against cops after a restart that's actually fun and worth doing.
  13. Idk what everyone is freaking out about. I thought this was pretty nutty tbh!
  14. @Gen. Henry Arnold Are you able to do a Gold plated ifrit? Orca as well? Like the chrome mohawk and shit but GOLD
  15. What do ya mean Andrew?? You didn't like my KoTH clips?!? In all seriousness though, everyones first montage is garbage. Hell, my first 3 were ALL garbage. Cut the kid some slack.