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  1. Big brain Shepurd with the callouts. That was basically my kill. you're welcome.
  2. Looks like he got outplayed to me
  3. Shooting was too hard so I just hopped in a car and ran 13 people over. ez
  4. @3:00 enjoy the ban you fuckin monkey this is a meme. nice montage.
  5. welp. thats the final nail in the coffin for me. LETS ALL GO GET PERMED BOYS! See ya in the grass
  6. Hmm.. How to type this out without getting modqueued.. I'll just keep it short and simple, and try not to call anyone specific a fuckin retard. Half of the shit in the monthly rewards is stuff that should already be permanently added to the game. Instead, we have to pay thousands of dollars every month if we want to keep them. Imagine instead of donation goals going towards shit discounts and changes that should already be permanently added, the donation goal was for the amount of money that we needed to hire devs that would be fixing the server and writing good code for future content? THAT'S something I would actually donate towards(and I'm sure a lot of other people would too). Unfortunately though, they thought it would be a good idea to make the goals for 5% discounts at y-inventory shops, and buying Bamf and Gnashes dinner. Awesome. And oh yeah, why don't all forms of DONATIONS go towards the DONATION GOAL? How it's not like that already blows my mind.
  7. @Sugarfoot Isn't Yung our boy Barry?
  8. Not saying anything would easy to do, but people have been asking for Logs and Statistics forever. You guys never got around to doing it and so Olympus did it instead. You guys can be scared about making polls because, "Other servers will steal our ideas." but other servers have been stealing our ideas for years because rarely anything we actually suggest gets implemented. And don't think you and Gnashes will have to do everything either. If Olympus can have a staff team with Designers, Developers, and people who work specifically on their website, so can we. I know most of this shit show was caused by Paratus putting all of his focus into Identity, which left you and Big G being captain of a sinking boat, but I still think we can come back from this. Perhaps instead of the donation goals going towards buying you guys dinner, it should say something like, "$500 Donation Goal to hire a Website Dev and Designer.". That's something I would actually be willing to donate towards. Not 5% discounts at rebel, and 1 month worth of something that should already be permanently added to the game. The money should go towards hiring someone to make cool shit like this.. If you and Gnashes are both working 60 hour weeks, let the community help pay for devs who have the time to add content that we want added. Being transparent with the community is KEY. Which making @Mitch (IFRIT) CM was a good step in moving towards that goal. #MakeAsylumGreatAgain
  9. On this note @bamf, it would be really cool if we could see logs for gang banks/the new gang garage to see who deposits and withdraws what.
  10. make it so only Rank 1s and 2s can pull gang vehicles out, and don't give anyone you don't already trust rank 1 or 2. Problem solved.
  11. See ya in the grass son
  12. Main reason why, is because its a pain in the ass to buy scuba gear, get an SDAR, either drive a boat for 10 minutes out to where the cartel is or have a friend fly you over in a helicopter, swim all the way down to the bottom of the ocean to sit inside the dirt(you could literally glitch and hide inside debris down there) all for some shitty rubber that barely anyone actually uses. too much work for the shittiest cartel. On top of that, if I own the cartel and im in full rebel gear doing whatever, and some retard goes out there and starts capping, it's going to take me literally like 15 minutes to put all my gear away, get diving shit, get an sdar, drive a boat out to the middle of nowhere, and go looking around for this retard who is more than likely hiding inside something anyways. Again, takes too much time for the worst cartel because by the time I get there he has already capped it. Having it on an oil rig obviously wouldn't be as bad as having it at the bottom of the ocean. But it still has problems like the fact that you either need a boat or helicopter to get there. If you're in a boat I'll hear you coming and good luck making it to the rig before I kill you. If its gang v gang, the gang capping can literally just have people watching all the spots a helicopter could land making it basically impossible to get out anywhere because you'll just get mowed down instantly. Oil cartel is already the least used cartel, and making this change would just make it a million times worse. No one wanted to cap it back then, and no one will want to cap it now if it gets put back out there.
  13. Personally, I think having oil cartel on an oil rig in the ocean is a shitty idea, but from the thread it also sounds like a few people do like it. If you decide that you'd be okay with implementing it, maybe you should run a poll to see if the majority community really wants it in the game or not? Sounds like a good way to make sure you don't waste time adding something that people don't actually want.