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  1. Idk what everyone is freaking out about. I thought this was pretty nutty tbh!
  2. @Gen. Henry Arnold Are you able to do a Gold plated ifrit? Orca as well? Like the chrome mohawk and shit but GOLD
  3. What do ya mean Andrew?? You didn't like my KoTH clips?!? In all seriousness though, everyones first montage is garbage. Hell, my first 3 were ALL garbage. Cut the kid some slack.
  4. Good evening, Do you know how recent, or what version of a Thunderbolt 3 port you have? If it is an older version (if you even have one), the data transfer rate of the eGPU may make it worse than whatever GPU you currently have. Yours truly, Shepurd
  5. Mentioning this because I think it needs to be said, and I don't think any admin addressed it. I didn't read this whole thread, but I saw everyone was talking about Xehons ghosting in after getting kicked, and after they told the other gang that he was coming back. Generally, unless the other gang is feeling extremely nice, the only time you should reconnect back to a cartel like that is if the rest of your gang is still there, "Holding the line.". If the other gang hasn't already begun their attack, feel free to log back in. But if the other gang has already pushed in and is already killing your gang, it would be best to log onto another server and run 1km out from the cartel before logging back in. In this situation, the other gang had already completely taken the cap. So your 2 option were to either hop servers and run out before coming back, or holstering your gun and asking them if it's cool for you to leave. So just for future reference if any of you find yourselves in a similar situation ^^^^
  6. This^^ No one wants to have to grab an Orca and go on a 5 minute flight EVERYTIME some retard decides they want to solo cap cocaine castle with their 1 friend who sits up in the tower where you literally can't get to him without dropping someone with a helicopter on him. Any cartel they try to put up around the north west part of the map will be a failure, unless they decide to add a full town up there along with another Rebel Outpost as well that are all be generally close to the cartels(Similar to Donor Rebel and Arms caps/Meth caps). Otherwise it's the biggest pain in the ass getting there for the fight, for the initial attack, and anyone trying to respawn and come back.
  7. hey man u dont need to be rude :(

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    2. Weeaboo Jones

      Weeaboo Jones

      damn shepurd why were you rude to this poor kid

    3. Blake Kingsin

      Blake Kingsin

      its pretty dope that we got matched with u on a map we forgot to remove from the queue

    4. Shepurd
  8. This was an old cartel back when there was a lot of fighting on the servers. I'm sure the kids that only solo cap won't like it considering it IS easy to get run up on, but for real cartel fights it's actually a good location. It's very different from the other caps like OG and Tower Meth because it takes a very different strategy for Defending and Attacking it. Gangs that learn how to fight it first will dominate other gangs that haven't figured it out yet. Personally, I'm glad to see it back.
  9. It was fun fellas o7
  10. outplayed tbh
  11. Don't forget to use the correct format
  12. It was a fake msg. Pretty sure Gnashes already restarted the server. No one actually got banned.
  13. It was a hacker and a fake message. Everyone should be fine to log back in.