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  1. Literally no one cooks meth or runs heroin when they're in their shit locations. Like, those 2 locations are actually horrible. How about instead of moving drug fields out there, we just come up with NEW content to put out there? Anyone who votes yes on this is officially on my list(list of confirmed retards).
  2. Runs in there and just starts taking everyones fuckin shoes lmao
  3. I hope so as well, my friend.
  4. This was from a while ago DISCLAIMER! anything that looks like we might have maybe possibly not quite surely sort have could have exploited the prison was PURELY for science and was backed by badoopabong and cleetus shellwood themselves.
  5. @lethal Didn't realize you joined DS bro!
  6. Holy fuck dude. You seriously outdid yourself with this one. Incredible job bro
  7. Shepurd

    Gang Wars

    Sounds good to me.
  8. Shepurd

    Gang Wars

    Defending church cap without a box truck to block west rock with is pretty unfair tbh. Any gang with a brain knows that the first thing you do at that cartel is blocking west rock off. otherwise its impossible to hold. I'm not saying give the defending team a bunch of quilins, but you just really need something for west rock. Just 1 box truck instead of the ifrit. otherwise you're not holding church cap properly and it will ruin the legitimacy of the fight.
  9. Shepurd

    My settings

    Arma folder/files might be set to Read Only. go into the properties and check.
  10. $500 for a 2070 is fucking awesome. Better cop that shit before it goes up.
  11. A few things I'd like to share my opinions on. Quilin/Prowlers: Definitely needed to get a price increase and doors removed, however, I feel like you perhaps went a little too far with the price. 50k is quite a lot especially when they just got nerfed by removing the doors. In my mind I guess I imagined them costing closer to around 20k. Donor/Arms Rebel: I think it's a major mistake to remove the donor rebel. The whole point of getting a rebel added on Arms was for 2 gangs to be able to regear close to the cartel so that fights can happen faster. This was wanted because during cartel fights many players will just end up spending the majority of their time fighting over donor rebel, which isn't fun at all and takes up a stupid amount of time that could be spent fighting the actual cartel. Suicide Vests/RPGs: Guess I just don't understand the reason behind the price increase here. I haven't seen any threads on the forums or people talking in sidechat about them being too cheap? I don't think anyone asked for this and it seems out of no where. Prison: Looks really good, but I think a couple deerstands with some cover need to be added at the cop side of the bridge. Used to be a lot of fun to try and hold those outside deerstands back in 6.0, and it would be fun to able to do that again. All together I like this patch alot. Just a few tweaks that I think should be made to balance things out.
  12. this dude takes my fucking shoes everytime I go to a cartel someone kill him pls
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