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  1. +1 masturbaiden Slaps XD
  2. @Clint Beastwood Olio with the Oreo as his pic XD to funny
  3. yo @Clint Beastwood if u did go to vegas did u see paratus there i heard he got lost there thats why he didnt make identity
  4. AYEEE V2 HYPEEEEE today SHOULD be the day
  5. to be fair if gnashes was a jet he would be a LARGE CARGO Jet
  6. Just chill and be happy v2 is even a thing
  7. jesse really out here doin the most +1
  8. V2 Looks Great Cant wait
  9. Just make it where cartels change hands at 0% but 1% gives ownership with all perks like olympus
  10. AYEEE Westbrook To H Town
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