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  1. Easy Claps
  2. Welcome to Asylum
  3. Maybe you should increase the level of your education.
  4. Clearly, you aren't around enough for the cop auctions that happen.
  5. That's not true, being a pig isn't that easy especially when you are in Kavala and all you get is bands of Kavala Rats with P07 or a Rook gunning you down at random. Cops are already impervious to bullets enough but it's not easy when you have 5 people spamming out a 30 round mag at you. As a pig, we don't value our lives as much as we should and I agree with you there but we also value our gear so we don't have civilians running around in cop clothes.
  6. It's true that EMS needs a buff but it also needs something to stop gangs from having personal EMS *cough* Nv *cough*
  7. Leroy exposing his tactics to the police, Good guide though!
  8. Welcome back my friend
  9. Welcome back!