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  1. Just read through this changelog, I can't seem to find anything about fixed desync.
  2. In-game name: LoudKeyboard Age: 17 Timezone: EST Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot):https://gyazo.com/6f46e6469dfa329f5eee07b95fb7b618 Previous gangs: DS, PeaceKeepers, CocaCola Production
  3. Hi, I am interested in your driving service. Please teach me your skill I will pay $1 million per day to be a NASCAR Driver just like you.
  4. How do u play with that mic stand in ur way?
  5. Rando can u send a setup picture?
  6. The setup is uneven. You have 1 centered monitor, 1 monitor on the right but then nothing on the left
  7. Yes but then its uneven and that bothers.
  8. How does one dual monitor, three monitors only makes sense. If I were to take a second monitor and put it next to mine it would look uneven and bother me and if I put them in the middle next to each other than there is no monitor in front of me. I only have a few options here, 1 monitor, 3 monitors or 6 monitors.
  9. If you were doing bank last night and you didn't see any cops, this is why.
  10. Explore the forums a bit more and you will find out that I am a career cop. So what? I'm making money doing what I like. Clearly if you aren't making money correctly and have to complain about it, find something new.
  11. Thank you for bringing together my message to him so that we have a possibility of our message reaching his brain.
  12. This isn't looking too good for you, maybe you shouldn't try fighting back at the community.
  13. Hey, at least I haven't been called a brain-dead monkey.
  14. When I am playing as a cop and someone is asking me for a pardon I expect this to happen: @Walt
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