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  1. LoudKeyboard


    The experience is better than the pay for a dev. You can put the experience in a resume. Let's say you want to go work as a developer with Microsoft, they want experienced people you can't just walk in and say I want this job. A lot of starting positions have to be voluntary for the experience to get you to a good paying job in that type of work. You can't expect to be paid for everything you do.
  2. At least that became decent after a year
  3. Yeah, last time I checked shit isn't a synonym for game.
  4. YuSheng the speed bomb magnet?
  5. Name - LoudKeyboard Are you a member of the APD (rank) - Constable Age - 17 Hours - 964 Any previous Gangs - SVU, Peacekeepers, DS, Coca-Cola Production
  6. True, don't you love walking around Town Square?
  7. It will come as soon as Identity.
  8. Please at least make it so you can enter the Lockup area without crashing.
  9. Do you mean this one EasyStreets? We have been around for like 1-2 years now.
  10. Well looks like we are coming back Nenja, and hopefully stronger than before
  11. Welcome to the PeaceKeepers Application Page Gang Leaders Invincible Cryptic REQUIREMENTS Must Have At least 100+ Hours On Arma 3 & Asylum Knowledge Must Be Financially Stable Must Be At Least 15 Years Old (Exceptions Can Be Made Based on Maturity) Application Format In-Game Name: Age: Hours On Arma (Screenshot): Previous Gang: Why do you want to join PeaceKeepers?: Feel free to message me anytime with questions or concerns on Discord at LoudKeyboard#1938
  12. Thanks for being aware about me
  13. Just read through this changelog, I can't seem to find anything about fixed desync.
  14. In-game name: LoudKeyboard Age: 17 Timezone: EST Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot):https://gyazo.com/6f46e6469dfa329f5eee07b95fb7b618 Previous gangs: DS, PeaceKeepers, CocaCola Production
  15. Hi, I am interested in your driving service. Please teach me your skill I will pay $1 million per day to be a NASCAR Driver just like you.
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