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  1. Judg3


    Thanks for the great times bro. We hope to see your ass around every now and then.
  2. Try making a big gang of your own?
  3. The Expanse books are real good if you like outer space
  4. How many plates did you have to press to get out?
  5. Nitro injected tractors
  6. Yeah, we had no clue all of that was going on behind the scenes. From our perspective, I think the biggest issue we had as rebels was the sheer amount of vehicles spawned in the compound blocking every pathway. It was nearly impossible to get a foot in the door. I tested the ifrit ramp and was instantly shot out. I tried two orca drops on the roof of the brick building only to be riddled with bullets from every angle. We nade spammed every spot we could get one over the wall at. There was a point we were almost waiting for the prisoner to get moved, and it just never happened. I guess that explains it. Was fun playing with people we would regularly never play with on rebel though, so I would call it an overall success as far as bringing the server together as a whole even if briefly. I.e., I was called trash in TeamSpeak instead of side chat, which was oddly satisfying.
  7. Whooooaaaaaa you let us win?! No one said we couldnt use a boat for extraction.
  8. Yeah the APD seemed washed after the event last night. We did a bank and 2 prison breaks with little to no presence.
  9. Maybe 300m out once per restart
  10. I love this idea, however as more of a turn key situation. For example, owning a red burger, you get all of the profits minus the current governor tax rate and it just goes into your bank account. This could show in the form of a subsidized paycheck every 5 minutes too. Another example would be owning a gas station increases your base paycheck by 50% plus whatever goods people buy. So 1 person doesnt own everything top it out at 5 businesses per person like housing.
  11. You make a name for yourself by being as toxic as possible in every other situation and then get upset when just basic rp is used later on at a traffic stop. Makes sense.
  12. Forget the fact that he was in the HQ. You can hear an officer say, "He has a drill." There was direct/relay witness of the diamond tip drill on his person, which gives probable cause. He is at that point able to be restrained, searched and have the item seized if found. He just can't be reticketed if it was overlooked when charges were initially added and the ticket was paid. It's pretty cut and dry.
  13. I agree 100%, yet at the same time this isn't the reality for a big chunk of the APD. Let me clear up my example of a reward, it was over the top and I don't expect constables to get armor or 250k, but you need to nudge the shitters every now and then. I am implying there needs to be more outside of the box solutions. Saying report the bad cops feels like we are just resting on our laurels. Report them sure, but incentivize the ones on the fence to be better as well. Realistically, you'll have an influx in reports because of this post, but that is going to drop off after a couple of weeks. What is plan B to improve roleplay longer term?
  14. True BUT how many constables are actually out fishing for a promotion? The thought is to incentivize the cops who otherwise don't care. Everyone has a price and unfortunatley corporal isn't everyone's desired reward. Some would just like the recognition, but EVERYONE loves money. With the amount of robocops today, it's kind of apparent the only reward shouldn't just be getting promoted.
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