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  1. Well said @Smee I agree that it is in the hands of the community now. We need to come up with a resolution that works. It may take trial and error but it is what needs to happen. Everyone shit talks the servers yet like you said here they are day in and day out. I am sure we can keep the thread on topic.
  2. who is ranga?
  3. I am sure i can speak for FSA on this one... +1
  4. 6mil.
  5. @Jesse honestly if you did that you would get some crazy
  6. LOL
  7. This is the current state of Asylum. I understand that people have better things to do in their lives then work on Asylum. If this is the case then move on. Let someone else who isn't tired and is ready to step up and fix things to do so. Holding a position in a community and then complaining about being too busy to do anything in that position is happening currently. What is the point of even holding that position at that point? We need to allow new people to help fix the servers. If this isn't the case then the servers will die. Clearly what we are doing isn't working. I also understand that this post will most likely get locked, hidden and tossed into the garbage. Please hear me out. I am in no way attacking anyone. I just want the servers to improve. The first step in doing this will be to make the people holding positions uselessly to step down. We also want to know what is going on. Updates not necessarily in the terms of content but in server performance would be greatly appreciated. Even tiny updates on the forums in the means of a simple post just letting us know that something is being done. All the hiding and avoiding questions is really getting old. Give us the community answers. Without us there wouldn't be a you. Please. @Paratus @Motown @bamf @Gnashes As I stated before, I am not attacking anyone here. I just want Asylum to be fixed. If that means making some people step aside to allow others to fill the position then so be it. People sitting in a position and complaining about not having time to actually do anything for that position should be asked to step aside. They took the position to help make Asylum better in the first place so now is the time to let someone else have the position that is actually willing to do something. Please help us fix Asylum. Very Respectfully, -Rogue
  8. Please bring back the BE hand is sore from spamming to get into the server...thanks...
  9. dear god i hope this works...
  10. Reapered. Get off this thread. ben flint sir i will buy this shed.