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  1. Devs..."instead of just complaining...offer solutions and we will try to implement them" Also the devs...
  2. @Xehons if you actually knew all the sheds i
  3. Server: 1 Type: Industrial Shed Location (Town/DP#): Drug Runner 2 Shed Asking Price: Bid. Here. Not through messages. Description: Perfect shed for cartels. Drug and arms. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  4. i have attempted 3 feds after the van has been added. two on server one and one on server four. all of them were done with eleven people. every time i have seen the swat ladder placed down and then in excess of five vans driven up to the fed and used as ladders. that is why i made this constructive post. we tried this once. it didnt work. it would just be like as if we had returned all the deer stands to the fed. it just doesnt work. why revisit something we removed that was deemed not to work. this is literally negative progress on an already struggling cop/rebel activity list. @Gen. Henry Arnold
  5. @iBacon I have nothing against the vans being used as ladders. Frankly I don't believe that with the devs and support team being 100% okay with them being used as ladders that they will be removed. I just think that a change needs to be made to the fed now more then ever as it was already fairly broken in terms of payout to risk ratio. We had multiple swat ladders once and it didn't work out well even when gang life was active. There needs to be more reward or less risk. In its current state it will sit like the prison on the salt flats...untouched.
  6. Hey there buddy @Maric...if you would please read what I wrote entirely before making a rash comment that would be appreciated. I literally say directly before that list that all of them shouldn't be implemented but rather one of the bullets. Thanks.
  7. @Gnashes @bamf A constructive suggestion. INITIAL DATA 1) Yes i know the fed is a risky rebel activity that will cause some rebels to die. 2) Yes i know the fed is designed for both the cops and rebels to have fun. 3) Yes i know that the fed should not be easy for either side (it should tip in favor of the rebels otherwise they will not attempt it if they lose every time...i think cops will agree with this). 4) Yes i know that money is supposed to be hard on Asylum (this is one of the main issues that people dont enjoy/transferred servers/quit playing on Asylum that i have talked to). SITUATION. The fed is currently dead. I have had a few groups together to try and do it lately. A group of at least 8 rebels minimum is needed to achieve this. This is hard as there are either not enough cops on the server to do it..servers 2-4 or enough cops to nearly triple the amount of rebels attempting the fed...server 1. It is not that often that a full set of bars is ready to be robbed at the fed with time to get them out to rebel. Given the time and circumstances a few loadouts will be lost on the rebels side. This is an obvious risk going in but it shouldnt cost you nearly half of your cut. The current payout to cost ratio of the fed makes it a rather inviable option for rebels to even attempt. Such a risky and time consuming activity should pay much more then it does currently. NUMBERS This calculation is going to be based on MAXIMUM bars spawning, getting ALL the bars safely to rebel, and the MINIMUM amount of players suggested to do the fed. 1000(inventory) / 64(gold bar) = 15 gold bars 15(gold bars) x $32,500(price of gold bar) = $487,500(payout) $487,500(payout) / 8(minimum rebels) = $61,000(individual payout) Rebel Loadout = ~$30,000 TIMELINE OF FED UPDATES (may not be in correct order but you get the point) 1) Fed spawns bars to fill >1000 inventory 2) Payout/Cost deemed too high therefore deerstands removed 3) Swat created with numerous ladders 4) Number of Swat ladders deemed too high therefore Swat only spawns with 1 ladder 5) Payout/Cost deemed too high therefore limited bars spawn in fed 6) Update allows cops to use vans as ladders CORRECTION/SUGGESTION If rebels are going to continue doing the fed in the current state there must be a change. These are some suggestions. Each bullet point is a single "and" statement. I am not suggesting that you implement each of these bullets as they are "or" statements between bullets. Increase the number of gold bars that spawn and decrease bar weight value Place all the deerstands back into the fed Have 15 bars spawn in the fed at the beginning of the server restart and then increase amount based on a time increment until the next restart and decrease bar weight value Do not allow cops to use more then one "ladder" option during a fed I am sure the others will have ideas but i figured instead of you hearing people just complain without a solution wouldnt get anything done. Please keep this thread civil for all you rats out there. I would like to actually see something done with this so keep the comments on topic. @Rodrigo will you help keep an eye on this please Thank you for your time, -Rogue
  8. when you thought you had high end S3 houses...
  9. 11:24 PM, only time, thursday night @Gen. Henry Arnold argument invalid
  10. I have been blind the past few weeks after eye surgery...I have just been trolling...
  11. @Widsyy 7.6...