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  1. play me xbox or pc. @Tony. @Alec-I
  2. Same thing i said to mayhem, you guys dont do gang life so dont sit here and talk as if people are over reacting because something that people care about was taken away. People are perfectly in the right to express their opinion on this being annoying for them if they want to. To say "big deal" is to brush peoples worrys aside as if its an overreaction, its not.
  3. see now you are learning, much better, good boy, now roll over.
  4. Its about what those letters stand for and mean, some of us have played under the same tag for years, No different to what this means to me Its not the end of the world by any means and i understand why they are changing it. When you sit there and tell people a blanket "get over it so what who cares" as if you are big dick mcgee, it amplifies what an enormous anus you are to the rest of the community. And ya dont want that.
  5. It actually is a big deal to some gangs, Its not to you cause nobody can stand to have you around in a gang for more than a few weeks so you arent attached to a tag. I understand you are trying to uuh.. mr support member But if you are gonna try climb that admin ladder, you gotta realize it actually matters what the members of the community think and care about regardless of your own feelings, ya tit.
  6. $7000 dollars in my account
  7. jesus wtf happened in here, trying to celebrate DS's gang wars victory.
  8. Id like to be the first to thank all of my boys for putting in such an explicit and beautiful performance. We fought as hard as the Free Syrian Army does for independence. God wills it. A lot of us wernt in our Prime today but we managed to pull through. I ended up DEAD AGAIN in all of the rounds but luckily my guys could pull through. APD easy as 123 is what i always say. In closing, allthough some of our ifrit pushes were as deadly as a Beached Whale... Integrity wins the day. Daddys darlings are shit. Dilly Dilly Ds Billy
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