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  1. No i dont wanna see the people you dropped, nobody cares. Dont panic when you see a shotgun you fucking pussy. Dont matter how many they had. Drunk Squad is recruiting.
  2. I dont actually see the issue with this clip. guy runs around the corner CQC while you have an MK out and miss 15 shots point blank with whats essentially a long range gun and scream "take the silly shotguns away, thats why i died, not missing the first 14 shots, its messing with my cartel experience" because the guy 4 feet away from you hits you with buckshot. Tooo fucking bad. Dont play inside church with an MK if you shoot like Stevie Wonder. If you wernt being a massive chode hiding in the church at arms and playing outside you'd have instant advantage on the courageous young man who valiantly took his shotgun to the cartel with a huge disadvantage. You played like a pussy, died, then complained like one here. Trust me im an expert at dying in Arma. Now, the slugs being able to take out the Ghosthawks engine, as ridiculous of a shot that was, and as glorious as it was to see a ghosthawk full of cops go down like that, it shouldent be doable.
  3. DS_Billy

    V2 IS LIVE

    i already have the power peasant. And refer to me as furher, we've talked about this. Great to see this is rolled out nice work. - People in gangs cant log in
  4. accepted for interview. Jump on ts fella
  5. https://i.gyazo.com/66e1650c7f8217e5fbf9602c364d4a1b.mp4 shit wont embed, halp
  6. yes but you ACTUALLY hack tho, fuckin NV.
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