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  1. DS_Billy

    Asylum Video Contest Winner

    well deserved, incredible video
  2. DS_Billy

    Community Video Contest [Closed]

    uuh no. you want cringey whiteboy rap? Beat this pure fire.
  3. DS_Billy

    Asylum Announcement

  4. DS_Billy

    New Support Staff

    Drunk SQUAAAAAAAD Awesome work lads.
  5. DS_Billy

    Server Adjustments : Server 2

    Keep the gears Grinding boys gogogogo
  6. DS_Billy

    Community Manager Announcement

    fuck yes.
  7. DS_Billy

    Asylum Announcement

  8. DS_Billy

    Asylum Announcement

    Great to see all the new life that we are about to get pumped back into the servers. Good luck lads. Also with that being said.
  9. DS_Billy

    3 YEARS ON S1[ people i've met]

    i know ya fella good to see you are still alive and kicking
  10. DS_Billy

    Gang Wars 6 Brackets

    beached whales might steal a round hopefully we get envy second round for an easy road to finals. Should be fun, see you all tomorrow!!!
  11. DS_Billy

    Gang Wars 6

  12. DS_Billy

    Gang Wars 6

  13. DS_Billy

    Gang Wars 6

    Ds favs for sure. 2nd probly nv 3rd beached whales and 4th tied between APD and Daddys darlings. Should be fun.