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  1. i know ya fella good to see you are still alive and kicking
  2. beached whales might steal a round hopefully we get envy second round for an easy road to finals. Should be fun, see you all tomorrow!!!
  3. NO
  4. Ds favs for sure. 2nd probly nv 3rd beached whales and 4th tied between APD and Daddys darlings. Should be fun.
  5. Hey man good job! Not the easiest task getting one of us! keep up the good work.
  6. ""
  7. why do you wanna know
  8. Not just any double coverage. It was MY double coverage. YOU CAN'T DO THAT
  9. AANNNYWAY Nice montage massi .
  10. On a more serious note, Why dont you try making your own gang? feuds and gang rivalry's is what makes the asylum world turn around. Its a lot of fun if managed correctly.