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  1. i want it on record that i won the duel, he was upside down and i was still driving Eat shit @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  2. you could spam left right left right and make everyone on the server lose fps. GOOOWN
  3. Its a common bug on asylum, ya lose gang perks and nobody in gang can see your hex, cant cap a cartel or anything like that, inviteable to the gang but if you just soft log it usually fixes it. Currently, restarting game or soft logging is not fixing it making the entire gang unable to cap cartel or see eachothers hex
  4. @bamf after rollback Gang perks not showing up on any of our guys, no gang name, cant cap cartel. Halp
  5. some doors on the bank aint working (back door)
  6. YOU DONE FUCKED UP. Im hearing, house crates not spawning, all cartels showing contested even though they aint. Cant store vehicles.
  7. Jesus that was quick.
  8. https://i.gyazo.com/e08db882ccfd6564e2aa6a9489c877ee.mp4
  9. Was trying to blow up mason/officer/deerstand to get him out of his ticket.....
  10. a true asylum meme was born.
  11. ahh ya fuckers afk getting a drink, i thought i autohovered into the ocean
  12. Sad to see you leave the community! ill catch you on steam.
  13. Got him all in a hot mess :') fucking proud. <3
  14. bring back rain and fog <3
  15. ELBAMALF. also, that was fun.