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  1. No but I would assume it had something to do with using a touch pad and them thinking it was macro-ing? What happened?
  2. Nah fam just got past the oak trees hmu I'm a member. Oh you want mobile osrs just use Teamviewer 4 real though I did this when spending some time at a hospital. I would love to see some mobile osrs app.
  3. I play horde on tich and alli on Stormrage as well ohh snap
  5. Oh @Norwegianviking you already know I am you biggest fan. <3
  6. Yes if you can afford to upgrade everything do it if you want to. I've been saving up personally and am about to make the same upgrades. hello ultra. Also getting a nice monitor myself which I recommend my friend.
  7. Shit is good Em put a lot into this one I like it.
  8. Maybe you should practice* spelling as well. <3 just messin with ya. I don't care how you spell shit.
  9. This is why I stay off the internet.
  10. How much would you pay for an APD lethal RDM montage been thinking about going off against the system lately... jk... or am I..
  11. Teams with an amount of players lower than their opponents can still fight if it comes down to it, but have a group cap. Random teams paired to fight each other, good old elimination style.
  12. Had to like for song lol
  13. If gangs don't do daring fun shit bc they don't have money then they are pussies.