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  1. Good fucking shit dude kicked ass !
  2. LMFAO
  3. Go fishing or cook meth, fyi meth is actually ez mode maybe ask someone if you can use their car to make some money. Should work.
  4. No life lol <3 its okay you didn't hurt my feelings... :'(
  5. We shall see
  6. Lol who are you
  7. Lmao oh you already know.
  8. I'm probably supposed to keep shit like this a secret but fuck it. #f dead makes your face look as if you are playing dead. There ya go happy b day lol. Figured why not spread the fun people could be having with this. When you do it your face don't move when you talk so its pretty funny.
  9. Just a friendly warning that I will be making a big come back and I will be going server to server blowing up crank trucks and killing people. Death is here with RPG's, MK's and Sui vests so be afraid.
  10. Hey Mr bamf umm what are the rules of engagement pertaining the RV. I mean can I shoot up a truck that is making crank or do I have to initiate? I've been reading but couldn't find anything specifically about this subject. Thanks if you can answer for me mane, awesome work on all parts <3 Asylum
  11. Yo if someone is making crank are they shoot on sight? Like is their vehicle area red zone? Do ya know bro? Or do you initiate?
  12. lmfao