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  1. OMG you kno I love ya bro but damn that was too much lmao btw there should be a ? after that first ! @|CaSpEr|
  2. Lol haters gon hate bro @swiift <3 Keep doing ya thang ! Nice new intro did you do it yourself? Oh and as always great shots especially the head shots ! I enjoyed the fast paced music and the consistency was there in this vid. Looks like you had a lot of fun making this, I enjoyed watching ! LMFAO the scenes of slow motion were funny af.
  3. Next level strats
  4. Looks fun @Bag Of Funyuns that app. I enjoy drawing and what not.
  5. LMFAO Breaching charge !
  6. Better out then in I always say. Don't let the anger consume you.
  7. Hell yea I played warrior a lot in the past for arena. Used to carry people through 2s for gold
  8. I've been playing sub lots of fun, just gotta pay more attention I feel
  9. Oh no you sub its all about Assassination
  10. lmfao
  11. I'll be doing pve stuff if you would like to add me. I'll pm you my btag
  12. what in the actual