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  1. Lets just scrap the RDM rules and let people kill whoever they want when they want. But it is still illegal and same bounty. Maybe some new policies like terrorism charges for someone found guilty of mass killing in cities or something. Chaos and bounties everywhere.
  2. Bro stop you're killing me with these jokes
  3. I don't think you should be able to have the name Hands Up
  4. This statement shows you are not aware of your duty... Imagine armed men / terrorist have taken over a government building or something... You would have to go against them... Military may be called in. It is not always about breaking someone out of jail obviously and it should not be.
  5. Doing prison breaks for fights has always been a thing. Why complain now? I say no because to me rebelling against the state is a reason to prison break. To simply kill anyone and everyone. Terrorist shit.... I love seeing a prison break going on because as a fellow rebel I have the opportunity to stop and get in on the action. As APD I like the extra element and having to take care of these terrorist with my gun. I honestly just like red zones.
  6. Gross not enough time invested into the design. Looks like something a 12 year old slapped together in 20 minutes. Also poor, pointless location.
  7. I wouldn't worry about Nic Rage opinion he is only a 12 year old...
  8. Wop


    Hey cutie inbox me to play sometime <3
  9. Alright Jafar from afar its worth a likey
  10. Sorry but its a no from me my friend. You will not be moving on to the next round.
  11. I swear if I see another pic of Jaconite I'ma throw up. Btw don't call yourself retard its not a nice word.
  12. Bc we don't need new players we still have full rosters of people that are also waiting lmao we are already well experienced and don't need to practice and we are all rich.
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