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  1. Lmfao back in the golden days, what a noob you are.
  2. I am selling Kavala rebel house as well as Rodo 3 crater and Telos 2 crater all on S1. Also have a Pyrgos rebel house on S3 and s2 for sale.
  3. Arma??? You mean Arma 4?
  4. Someone got arrested one too many times and decided to take his anguish to the forums.
  5. Wop


    Don't lie
  6. omg so ruuuude lmfaoo jk bby <3
  7. She was always one of my favorites.
  8. Hell yea I really think they should have.
  9. The dothraki don't suck @Steve it was a result of bad leadership. I mean who the hell sends such a small number of troops, trained as well as they are into that kind of situation. They should have kept them back with everyone else to fight. Though I did enjoy the scene, I was hollering the whole time like " wtf are you doing !? " Bc I knew that little number of units was not going to be enough to run up against the army they were going against.
  10. Bc it means you get to finally have sex? lol jk jk
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