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  1. You could ask for him to comp you. If he comp you don't report.
  2. Hit buy twice when buying my MK, it was a accident was kinda tired and finger slipped
  3. I accidently bought another MK-18 while holding one, wasting like 10k. This makes me wish the game didn't do stuff like that. Maybe make it so you can't buy a primary if you are holding one in your hands? Thoughts? Obviously this isn't the first time this has happened to someone. Of course I will be more careful now.
  4. I feel nostalgic using the mk-18 and it also feels more fun to me. I like the Mk-1 too.. I like all the guns. Lol
  5. While that is correct my statement I believe is correct as well. It will also increase and decrease based on taxes. ( Which is why some big gangs sometimes would ask the governor to increase the taxes when selling. )
  6. Well anyone looking to sell something on the server. The higher taxes make your payout higher to my knowledge.
  7. Are ya willing to work with taxes to help people make money at certain times? I think that is something that would help campaigns.
  8. Wow I didn't even know we could cut trees down, well maybe I forgot... But I think I'm going to go do that, cut some trees. Oh and run some oil of course maybe cap that cartel.
  9. I remember people complaining saying rain would make their frames drop.. But tbh it is something I miss about Asylum, the rain. It makes the game different which is nice. Maybe just not too much rain? Lol. But yes I loved fighting and playing in the rain, its a nice aspect to have in the game imo; adding some variety to the game play in form of scenery.
  10. We are in overtime C9 vS THE FAZE lets gooooooooooooooo
  11. Damn bro you never fail. Thank you again. Shout out to Asylum community as a whole.
  12. Hel yea I'd fuck with em fresh to death
  13. Laser taggggg