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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/poojuice123 idk just chillin
  2. looks meh but danny brown is a god so fuck it
  3. You could but there's noway you'll be able to hit it consistently within literal milliseconds of your head being visible. From what I remember it's something within 150-200ms from the time that you first hit x to when you're able to shoot, it's even more broken when you consider the desync issues
  4. I'll reinstall the game if you remove the downing script and give everyone full lethals
  5. You think that people don't have quick peek macros? I've used them myself and they're honestly insane because the other play can only see your head for something like .200ms
  6. And rebels don't fight banks like they used to. It's all AHK pulldowns these days with even more elevated positions to lay on and just go for those sick bounties instead of actually going for the gold. ItInsert other media 's pretty sad when kids don't even attempt to hide their AHK scripts in their montages because scripting is such a common issue on Asylum. Why should a cop push a bank when there's 4-5 positions that rebels are just laying prone on with 3rd person waiting to use their little quick peek macros and AHK pulldowns? Only SGTs+ have armour, and 95% of the SGTS/LTs are literal fucking retards who are too busy whiteknighting e-girls and flaunting their virtual ranks to pull armour for the bank. Banks/Feds/Prisons are already cancerous due to the horribly misguided decisions of the captains, let's make it even worse so the limited number of cops that still play just quit and join a bounty hunter gang.
  7. u should filter out numbers lower than 10 so ppl won't know how dead asylum truly is
  8. Funny, hardly any of the APD wants to sit and fight bank/prison/fed for 20 minutes because they "have to" but the captains still think it's a good policy change
  9. you think thats bad? i had to wait 4 months for an inactive weeb to come online to appeal a perm ban only to be told "idc, its up to angela if ur unbanned" good ol' cuckeyes
  10. inb4 rebels cry because they have to split less money among 15 people when they camp on the roof with their pulldowns and quickpeek scripts as they spray down the 5 cops online that are forced to fight against their will instead of actually RPing like the cop force is meant to do.
  11. Not hard to be better than sgts when the majority of them were promoted from sucking virtual dick. We went from lts/captains seeing some obese titties for promotions to getting their virtual dicks sucked.
  12. I do more damage with my shitposting than 99% of these cartel kids do with their pulldowns. They fight cartels and ruin days, I post and ruin lives.
  13. Pretty basic shit, and yes I have a degree in graphic design. Gl tho
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