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  1. Reformed epTic

    MRW downing script is fixed next patch

    Bikstok was shitting on kids before you were even allowed to have a steam account. heres a video from 2014
  2. Reformed epTic

    Rarer Than Bigfoot himself!

    about as rare as people playing cop when there isn't a higher up to suck off
  3. Reformed epTic


    yikes dude. and i thought Durga was an edgelord. cya idiot. don't come back.
  4. Reformed epTic

    Sidechat Idea..

  5. Reformed epTic

    The Music Thread

  6. Reformed epTic

    Just saw this in chat

    Hey, at least they're cheating in video games and not cheating on their wives with e-girls like other members of the community. THIS ONES FOR YOU MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and any other female that wants to send a 50 year old morbidly obese man living in a single wide trailer nudes for a virtual promotion
  7. Reformed epTic

    To the LTs of asylum.

    I tried talking to my therapist about you, he said you're retarded and beyond saving.
  8. Reformed epTic

    Anyone play Path of Exile?

    Anyone play Path of Exile and wanna team up for next league? Lemme know fam
  9. Reformed epTic


    when u said ur not gonna be toxic anymore but people keep posting shit that tests your resolve
  10. Reformed epTic


    cOpS ArE CamPiNg DoNoR tOwN fOr No ReASOn
  11. Reformed epTic

    Introducing Barns

    +1 Add corn, wheat, barley, fruit trees, beets, berries, hops, and tie it in with the moonshine process. Would be fun to expand on the distillery. Hell, let people sell peaches @ the Asylum market so moonshiners can buy them and turn them into shine
  12. Reformed epTic

    Make medic a whitelisted slot

    I wanna be able to play both cop and medic. There are times when the server is dead and the only thing cops can do are patrol illegal areas and hope they find someone, but there's always people dying somewhere, and that's when I would love to just hop on medic and fly around and revive people/give them rides/etc.
  13. Reformed epTic

    Snake trap

  14. Reformed epTic

    Asylum Stock Exchange

    I don't think players should have control over something like this, but having a stock market would be a fun (and risky) way to make passive income. Some of the best times I've had in GTA SAMP came from playing the stock market. It's something that'd likely take a decent amount of coding and tweaking, but it's possible. Why would someone invest 3 million into a gang of randos who could just say "thanks for the money, cya" and use the 3 million to pay off their 50k bounty