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  1. Don't let your retarded friends in your house if they're gonna do illegal shit. Same principal as irl, is it not?
  2. Kappa Should make it in V2 so that if any murders occur from within an owned house, that house is able to be seized by the APD and put up for auction. Since yall rebels wanna cry about RP, let's go deep on this RP shit. You use your house for crime, you lose it.
  3. Here's an idea for Drunk Squad No houses in Kavala are allowed to be owned.
  4. at first i thought this was gonna be a post about how you just got promoted
  5. They'll just all vote for their friends. Same way people who aren't deserving get promoted.
  6. Weird how Alec is banned and the higher ups still look like retards.
  7. Too many cliques have formed in the APD. Back when I played the majority of promotions were given to those that deserved it. Whenever promotions were announced, you could see the names promoted and say "Yeah, they deserve it. I've played with them before and they're great roleplayers." Nowadays it's "Oh, he's the mong that always is stuck up the sergeants ass." Obviously it's hard to break up the cliques, but there has to be some kind of quality assurance in place so that you don't have the vast majority of higher ups in the APD in the same short bus sharing crayons. Losing people like Leon, Tanner, and Olivia (no matter how scummy her exit was) really hurt the APD's ability to improve the quality of officers. I know @TheCrestedPenguin used to do his best to host trainings, but they were often pissed on by other higher ups who just wanted to troll.
  8. and that right there is the problem. Trying to eliminate threats? "QUIT PLAYING CHRIS KYLE AND RUSH THE FUCKING BANK OR YOULL GET POINTS" Trying to rush the bank? "FUCKING VALUE YOUR LIFE OR GET POINTS" I remember a certain dipshit sergeant who refused to pull an Orca out for a prison despite there being 3 orcas full of rebels on prison island. Alright, I'll get some cover and take some of the deer stands out. "GET IN MY FUCKING HUMMINGBIRD OR YOU'RE GETTING POINTS FOR DISOBEYING ORDERS" So I put my gun in a car, loaded up in his chopper, and his dumb ass got domed outta the hummingbird and proceeded to blame everyone else for not taking out the threats in the deer stands.
  9. 1. Sure, if the Captains are willing to change their assbackwards policy on FORCING the APD to fight banks/feds/prisons for 10 minutes AT LEAST against rebels with ahk peek macros and pull down scripts. 2. Added to prevent sharking 3. Why?
  10. only a small portion of that is an Asylum issue. Arma 3 as a whole is in it's death throes. too bad that won't happen with the current staff. people thought it'd be a good idea to turn the APD into a gang with required fighting, last I checked the primary weapon was the voice. Oh, okay, you wanna RP with people doing a bank? You can't because Lieutenant Cumguzzler, Sergeant Cock Swallower, Senior Constable Cum Rag, and 4 Constables following behind to lick up any cum that might have dripped off during the proverbial (and literal, in some cases) blowbang show up on the scene to try and suicide rush everything while yelling at you for trying to roleplay. "FOLLOWZ MY VIRTUAL RANK IN DE VIDEO GAME OR YOU WILL GET POINTS!!!"
  11. surprised it took that long for gravity to get banned. he was hella blatant whenever he was running with that random shit tier gang pretending to be a mexican
  12. -Reduce cop payout for sending to jail by 50% Maybe if cops weren't REQUIRED to fight banks/feds/prisons like they were fucking cartels. 10 minute MINIMUM required fighting is fucking cancerous, the APD isn't supposed to be a gang.
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