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  1. i will try and come back YOU SIR IS A GOD The problem was overwolf, well a plug ind for overwolf for league of legends
  2. Hello soo my problem start 2 days ago. all of a sudden i cant use Ctrl and a at the same time, lets take a game like csgo where ctrl is crouch and A is walk to the left, if i use both then i cant walk to the left while crouching. works fine out games just not in game any help would be nice. All driver is up to date and have have change usb port and ofc tryed to google it cant find shiiet
  3. it is booming right now, but in a month or 2 it will die down and rise agian when new phases come out
  4. Kindergarden teacher(special need)
  5. i dont need a ride along, just dont see what you a complaining aboutXD
  6. mhe just talk to the admins if that happens
  7. minibagge

    APD and ME

    me singen the song when im drunk!
  8. I blamed bada for something he did not do, i am very soory and i MIGHT not do it agian, hope you forgive me<3 @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  9. not good still banned on ts XD!
  10. i dont care this time i know i didnt do anything wrong so @BaDaBiNg_10-8 fuck of:D!
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