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  1. It won't be the same without Sojobo!
  2. I suck at all "gaming". You should see me try to play Stardew Valley. I can't seem to keep any of my crops alive!
  3. Weird invented "facts" but okay. Also lol, "real players" "good players". Sorry I'm not a real player because I use the forums and me not using a no recoil script makes me bad!!111!!!11!!!
  4. Majority voted for it so...
  5. Where's that Tanoa Life at?
  6. Best montage I've ever seen. I liked the part where you arrested that one probe guy
  7. I will play more Asylum if it doesn't crash after I play for 20 minutes! Heal fast Teddo. There aren't enough EU people around in discord..
  8. Woah, you somehow spelt Imperium wrong..
  9. You need to give me the shashlik recipe
  10. Accepted. Discord PM'd. Recruitment Closed
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