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  1. There is no high command. There is only my iron fist.
  2. Why won't this shit embed
  4. You should be grateful for the Mx. I'm sure people remember the only options a while back were the sting, trg-20, vermin and PO7
  5. See ya. By the way > @Defragments
  6. I don't care if you know about my gang. Knowing about my gang is irrelevant to this post. I just thought it was funny that someone did that.
  7. Was never in Innovative. Not sure I was even playing back when they were around
  8. Sure guy
  9. Me neither until just now. Someone made a gang to imitate mine, Imperium, to cap cartels while we're off and hope we don't notice.
  10. Watch out.. Lperium taking over...
  11. Thank you for your helpful comment. I didn't think of just switching servers. I'll go do that now!
  12. Well like I'm sure I'm not the only player that just waits for 3 to go back up to play Asylum. I know most, if not all of my gang only get on when 3 is up.
  13. I'll just wait for 3 to come up. I would rather just wait, but it doesn't hurt to make a suggestion to see if I can get it changed again.
  14. Always has the most players at this time. Stop it from going offline. It doesn't make the other servers more populated, it makes people get off because their server is down.
  15. I've been wondering how to find this video for so long