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  1. Hey boss do you have 30 seconds maybe a full minute to correct a BABS script error that ban'd me? Im in teamspeak.

  2. @Buckwalter I don't mess with the forum's php. So it wasn't me. Kind regards, DJScias
  3. Haha Kind regards, DJScias
  4. Hello there, Patch 6.8.1 released, closing this one. Kind regards, DJScias
  5. The steam Auth API only pulls information found here: More info about the API can be found here: It does a check using the OpenID protocol and then allows you to pull the above from said user.. Which includes, but is not limited to, current steam name, player id, avatar (various sizes), real name (if set), etc.. At no time is there ever any sort of mention or relation to the passwords for these kind of things. You authenticate on steam's website and the password stays there.. Steam just sends our website (or another website) a token that says "He wrote the right pass, let him pass". So no, your steam information can never, ever, ever be compromised if we get hacked.. Considering we never get any login details from your account. Kind regards, DJScias
  6. Hello there, I'm in need of help again Need images from patch 6.6.4 all the way to patch 6.7.0. Kind regards, DJScias
  7. As of this writing you can see the war stats again updated properly. Kind regards, DJScias
  8. What do you see as cons about this system, if I may ask? I mean, ArmA 3 functionality is all stuck to the player id and this is something that Steam provides us.. Using Steam Authentication you could make a very secure link that only allows you to get your own player id and use it after authenticating. It doesn't sound too bad. Kind regards, DJScias
  9. Oh! Thanks!

    Could you delete our gang aswell? Our gangleader kinda left and we need to remake it.. "BC" Bad Company

    Duke is the leader if you need to contact him first

  10. Sssssh. Kind regards, DJScias
  11. Sorry man, security above functionality in my opinion. Kind regards, DJScias
  12. Hello there, Unless we had some sort of system that binds your player ID to your forum account and also a means to make sure you can't input a different player ID than your own this won't be happening sooner or later. Kind regards, DJScias
  13. First?
  14. Hello there, As far as I know on my end there shouldn't be any issues, but I'll ask the powers above me and see if something may or may not have changed. Kind regards, DJScias
  15. Hello there, Are you sure you've been killing people part of the gangs you're at war with? Kind regards, DJScias