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  1. That's true, but maybe if this gets implemented all the charges will be added to the "Charge with crime" option. That way if you do remove a charge you shouldn't have you can add the actual charge back. If that doesn't happen then you can always just use place holders. Hell or an even simpler thing to do is add a confirm dialog. "Are you sure you want to remove 3 counts of Manslaughter from Billy."
  2. You can always just exit out and scroll wheel on the guy and "Charge with crime" if you removed something you didn't mean to.
  3. I made a concept for removing individual charges for players. The benefit to doing this would be that if a person still ends up having to pay a ticket that they don't want to pay or can't pay but have been excused of some of their charges it will make their jail time shorter.
  4. 2 unprocessed for 10 rounds and 1 for 20 is what I am Wutting
  5. Wut?
  6. It actually is one side for cops for some reason.
  7. I think you are thinking of when the hot key was added. That's the only time they have to be downed or have their hands up. Same for bounty hunters. However, scroll wheel restrain for cops has been the same since I have been a cop back in Aug of 2014.
  8. One very important thing you are forgetting is police officers in real life can use their hands to force other peoples hands behind their back whereas you can't in this game.
  9. Actually I do Poc Ami which is "Im a cop" backwards.
  10. Still have swat using the hotkey.
  11. Wig Wag Lights yes or no? If yes, I already have it added to strider, hunter, sport, suv, and offroad.
  12. One of the biggest appeals to me for Malden being a life server is the fact it is small. That means there will be more interactions between people which forces more RP. On Altis I can go for quite some time without even seeing another person let alone interacting with them.
  13. Maybe even some new police lights!
  14. Use the strife suggestions sub-form FFS