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  1. 1. Pretty sure soft logging after swat pops bugs it. 2. If you can guarantee you process people under 5 minutes you sound like a shit cop/role-player. 3. That one seems reasonable.
  2. Problems: Someone was on SWAT and it finally ended and suspects were already in HQ about to be sent to prison. The person on SWAT soft logs over to that HQ. He would get no money. People would rush processing if a person was to soft log to the HQ they were processing in order to make sure the people that soft logged didn't get money. Game freezes, lag out, or some other scenario after I helped capture people. Now either I get no money or the person being processed has to wait an additional 5 minutes. Probably other problems to it but just thought I would point a few out. Simple solution is to record and report if they soft log outside of the already established guidelines regarding that.
  3. Shewww, just remove armored vehicles and/or pilot coveralls (or BI could fix coveralls to where their armor rating is accurate). Then people would be more inclined to buy cheaper load outs.
  4. I would gladly, but bamf would never approve. Maybe for breast cancer awareness month. Edit - Does that make you wet?
  5. I know you were just wanting the cpl one grey but I thought I would see what they all looked like. Reminds me of how some of the state police uniforms are here in the states.
  6. I think it looks better than having the huge cpt and lt bars on the sleeves. Could put the "Asylum Altis Life" patch on both side but since its so large there would be no room for rank insignia on the sleeve and thought this would be best look. Its similar to how my uniform is in real life but instead it has a USA flag on it.
  7. Do you guys like the slight changes I made to the uniforms. Will add the flags to constable and cadets if everyone likes it. Hopefully bamf likes them. LATEST PREVIOUS
  8. And/or @Killswitch
  9. lol you must not have read what I posted. I said the servers have always focused on combat but there used to be more role-play and combat in arma is shit and will get stale. That has to do with BI and it changing how combat works.
  10. I honestly believe the decline has little to nothing to do with development changes. It has to do with this community always focusing more on combat and less on the role-play side of it and that really took affect later on. The reason the servers were fun pre 6.0 was because that was relatively the mid point to when everyone started playing life servers on Arma 3 and when Lirik (streamers) stopped playing which drove away from the role-play side and more to the combat side. The fact the servers have focused less on role-play from and administrative side and there were no forces (streamers) really guiding people to role-play the servers just became stale combat which is what Arma 3 is all together. While life servers were still relatively fresh for people it felt less like a grind getting money, but as you spend more time doing something the less appealing it gets. Combat is never going to be as fun because its Arma 3 and you've been doing the same thing for years so of course its going to be stale. So all in all its mostly nostalgia and the fact role-play isn't focused on as much anymore which is what used to be the fun stuff to do after all the combat.
  11. I mean if it did happen, which it won't, there would probably just be an additional button in the car shop "APD Account" to buy the vehicle with the APD money and the money isn't accessible any other way. And for the second quote it could take like 5-10% of arrest funds and auto add them to that account. The only problem I see without adding additional securities is that a lieutenant+ could just sell a car after purchasing it unless a variable is saved for those vehicles which doesn't allow the selling of them.
  12. I got revived though. Edit - I also got some good hang time when I flew off the top of that tower.
  13. It doesn't appear to be noted in the change log, but if you press TAB and then 1 on the keyboard it will quickly activate lights.
  14. The false in player getVariable ["playerSurrender",false] is if the variable "playerSurrender" is not set to anything then it will default to false.