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  1. I've offered to be a contributor not expecting to be paid. I actually thought it would be a good way to give back to the community and servers as a whole since I haven't donated much in terms of money. Figured I could donate some of my time.
  2. That's a full blown lie.
  3. ):
  4. I wouldn't even call the market dynamic. It can't go up past a certain amount it can only go down which is the biggest flaw in it. Its nice in theory but they needed to make ways where the prices could also go up but if that was done it could probably be exploited. So unless that can be done the market should honestly be reverted.
  5. Basically what everyone has already replied to you about him not actually wanting or getting contributors. I reached out to him about becoming one and the message was looked at but ignored. Sure the only things I have implemented was the police light changes, but I could definitely do more. That's just one example of doing more. Considering I have a degree in software engineering I could basically do about anything. I've been part of APD senior staff for basically 3 years and have never received any disciplinary action or server bans. Yet I don't even get a reply about contributor.
  6. We've lost him... the power has gone to his head.
  7. Don't make me give you another verbal warning. I've got my eyes on you.
  8. Back before they could afford the "l".
  9. Kk. Also if you would rather just spend 20 minutes in prison than RP then it sounds like you are the problem. Doesn't sound like you actually like to RP and that what you actually like to do is just talk for a few minutes, get a reduced ticket and then go back out and commit more crimes. That sounds boring and lame as fuck. If you deserve to lose that stuff then you deserve to lose it.
  10. You clearly didn't read my entire post did you.
  11. That is and always will be the biggest problem with people in this community. The mentality that if you "RP" for so long you should get your ticket reduced. NO. If you RP for 20 mins how you brutally murdered people then you deserve a full ticket, no? You just confessed to committing the crimes. If you RP for 20 mins with just completely outlandish shit then that is just up to that officer if they appreciate that type of RP. Me personally I like to keep more on the realistic side of things. So, if an officer pardons you, gives you a slight reduction or none at all I don't see that as robo copping. If you RP for 20 mins and the officer is able to legitimately refute majority/all the stuff you say you shouldn't get a hugely reduced ticket or maybe no reduction at all. All in all the mentality that you "RP" for so long and should be entitled a reduction in ticket prices is shit. People most likely got fucked over for you to get those charges and you should be punished for it. You "RPing" with a cop for 20 minutes is not punishment. That is the main point of RP servers (even if this is a light RP server). Now what I think could be done is the ability to reduce the prison time depending on how long someone has been held for. Even then Asylum has the lowest jail times I've ever seen.
  12. Yeah, it would be Tab. Personally I could see not needing keys, but at the end of the day that's up to the devs.
  13. I know a simple way to make it where civs could use the light switch box in police vehicles if bamf would allow for that.
  14. Sorry
  15. 1. Pretty sure soft logging after swat pops bugs it. 2. If you can guarantee you process people under 5 minutes you sound like a shit cop/role-player. 3. That one seems reasonable.