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  1. rofl he said boxing ring hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ETA?
  2. At 1:02 ish DPI much lol?
  3. Nah not the weed maan,Take the cheese!
  4. What in the actual fuck?..... I know we are DS an all,But this takes the cake...This is all because you got denied by us??? Not sure what this does for you,But hey good to know Drunk Squad still has it haha smh
  5. didn't they just do this when 8.0 came out?
  6. Already there ? Give or take 5 mins lol
  7. The concept is cool an all,But that would be abused so hard imo...It would have to be on the higher rank side of APD for it to be used in a somewhat proper manner.. As for affects,shaking would be neat an maybe like a blurry affect like when you take meth as a example..id like to see this talked about more
  8. Must be that ifrit skin.... kappa
  9. I agree...even when we fight cops on s4 after about 10 mins or so its like 50-50 if its gonna start to shit it self..I think its like a combo of things also,like cartel script,the Y inventory,smoke from ifrits ect ect,the server is trying to register everything going on an has trouble keeping up.
  10. lulz i see what you did there...but yea 12v12 is a different story
  11. yea even when its on the lower end on s4 it still for some reason shits it self at times.It makes fighting annoying as fuck most times,an ive been wanted to fight a bit more at cartels,but with the amount of lag an what not half the times dont even hear the shots.
  12. That makes sense. So if the server sits at that low fps most times,What does it mean when people are running better frames (40-60) at all times,or don't matter? Would that not make other people almost teleport ish to the other person trying to shoot them,or that ping related.? Server 4 has been running alot better then before we moved,The BE kicks have been little,but the red chains,random no message received seem to happen more..(my guess is Ddos) as far as the red chains an the random no message received.. Just trying to get a better understanding..
  13. yea we moved to 3 a while back,then they did the dynamic servers an we moved back to 4 since 3 wasn't gonna be as much at the time... I dont know much on that end,if at all anything....Was i even on the right track at all? what would cause the spike in the lag? game side/file or server side or just alot going on at [email protected] same question Reason i brought this up is because i saw a a video (that i cant find for w/e reason) an they mentioned about sitting on there server an kicking people with high bandwidth an reason behind that was it would cause massive lag/lag spike and sometimes the BE kicks....Or is that just not right?
  14. So ive been noticing when server 4 gets laggy and desync'ish i look at players bandwidth an ping..Most times peoples BW is normal under 1k an when things start to shit its above 10k or even 15k an that person shortly after gets kicked or has the losing connection an then gets disconnected. Would it be possible to look into this? Could it be a thing where we could get more bandwidth for asylum servers? Don't be dicks just trying to start a conversation about it.