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  1. Because we are fucking Drunk Squad....Duhhh
  2. Sounds like a good fit...more vests and loadouts... kappa
  3. He says it how it is,hes blunt in nature..anyone think that's just how he is as a person? if you like em or not,agree or disagree with things he said or done..Never a bad thing to have someone like that on a team,even more so in this fucking community lol the most effort for ideas or new stuff is +1 i agree,there is rarely any real discussion among us that truly get anywhere productive...Or just gets shot down by other players just cause they dont fully understand how your seeing it and portraying it in words for people to read.
  4. sounds like a good name for a gang lulz
  5. ohhhh i didnt catch that,my bad thought it was just in general
  6. wonder if the server's will take shits more once its patch after that video steve did...the amount dsync an stutter was pretty much little to none with half a server on 4....Havn't seen that in a while
  7. Im sure its prob a few things fighting each other an causing it to spaze out in some way...as far as the code goes i have no clue out of my realm of things for the most part,But least it does prove something isnt right..none the less tho could be a step into the right direction as for trouble shooting it..
  8. Pretty fucking true...Bamf is making headway with recent performance patches an such,its not like he's not trying ...the community needs to change there attitude slightly imo an be more productive other then +1 add it or no neck your self..Bamf made a post a bit back on how to properly make a thread regarding a format to show admins in detail on your idea...it may go unsaid for a while or something but they cant read your brain from a few words or sentences you post,then you gotta keep in mind what is it going to effect,pros and cons..off the bat you can think of a few,but until it is put in the game an played out for a bit(exploits,bugs,cheeky fuckers trolling) you wont know how to fix it or tweak it till those things come up..... sandwhich this isnt directed to you at all,just in general.
  9. Nah,if that was the case,it would shit the bed with half the people on a server...This is at least productive in some way,or could shed some light as to bamf or someone looking into it...Aside from the ddos attacks an such. I think it could be worth looking into as it clearly got them fucked over cause of lag,and that was the point of the video.
  10. Alot of unproductive posts here...We all want the same thing..Rebel life/Gang life to be fun and good again...Admins are making effort to communicate more and in least try something different,it may not be what is wanted by alot of us or needed.Saying its trash or shit or w\e isnt going to help...there has been maybe 3 posts that stayed on topic, in the least come up with some sort of compromise that will work for both sides,for fair play...being toxic as fuck isnt going to help anyone get anywhere..An the fact is we all love this game mode you cant lie to your self's all you want,but other wise we wouldn't be here if we didn't.. ill most likely get heaps of hate but fuck it idc what you think of me. 1)Boosting end result of sales across the board about (5-15%) for everything that can be made money with.It is true grinding money on here is or seems more of a job then some moderate effort to go an truly enjoy a fight and not worry about the next 10 hours making up for lost gear ect...Not a solution,But could help gang life/interactions. 2)Selling money-(Here comes the kys comments)-Im on the fence with this one,i understand some players dont have time to grind out crazy hours an make a couple mil thru the week,so they buy a bit an fight..Not that big of a deal,But now it seems like more people buy money then grind for it,so interactions are going to be severely limited least imo...Its also kinda showing with gangs coming an going they get used to buying money and then when there out they play an fight so much there burnt from fighting so there just gone for a while or all together.(not sure of a happy medium here).But none the less its a thing. 3)The community isn't all that friendly to newer players in game..I get it that its the internet and all,but it wont hurt to least help someone asking questions in side chat,sure its repetitive and all but if the newer players get out and play an experience things and make money most likely they will stay around instead of getting frustrated and moving on to something else,or being rdm'd in kav over an over cause there not sure what to do or where to go to get said license.This is to the more veteren's of the server(no matter the gang/how baddass you are at cartels)Or people who have a better understanding with the game an how its played compared to other rp servers. Thats all i can think of atm...let the hate and Bs commence...But for real tho,we wouldn't be here or express our frustrations if we didn't care about the game\enjoy it.
  11. i take it as a success as what could be a reason for it??
  12. Why did they move it to Pygros...Seemed kinda random that it was moved,was it asked alot to move bank?
  13. 4 just mass kicked for the first in a while..
  14. Is it me or are you always complaining about something,use that thing between your ears,plenty of places to buy a few when you pull out a car
  15. Any word on the rebel talent tree at all?