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  1. DankBud

    t4 donation goal effecting crafting prices

    might be right,but if you also have the correct turf it goes lower i believe
  2. DankBud

    Bring it back

    strife was legit as fuck,but just as broke...If more time an effort been put into that to keep it balanced that could of been something wayy better.
  3. DankBud

    Medic At Rebel

  4. DankBud

    Reduce Organ Harvest CD

    pick meth,You cant be that lazy? how come it has a cool down on organs anyway?
  5. DankBud

    what the fuck is this

    hahahahahaha wtf getting arma'd taken to a new level
  6. DankBud

    F I X T H E S E R V E R S

    also keep in mind,the main dev has a nutty schedule so could take some time,In the least they care tho an are def trying to fix it.
  7. DankBud

    F I X T H E S E R V E R S

    i think they said a hosting or server provider issue...they may have fixed the biggest issue as far as coding goes,but im not exactly 100% just what ive read an or heard
  8. DankBud

    F I X T H E S E R V E R S

    yea its kinda crazy,feel like its gettin worse...I have noticed when alot of ppl connect at once it starts to lag a little,then like 10 min after its gone.
  9. DankBud

    Change Log 8.3.0

    any word on the stability of the servers if an or when changes will come? (new provider/hosting)?
  10. DankBud

    "Gear up" for rebels

    You run your meth in smaller things,so if you get robbed an or busted by cops you only lose minimal amount an dont hurt as bad,if that dont happen you can stack meth pretty fast,just gotta be a little smart when you run it..ie banknor fed going on or are the other big gang fighting ect...even if you run in a hatchback thats 24 or so with out drug...can make 100-300 depending how much you wanna push the envelope an your luck..thats with a full pop server,can grind out more if its half dead an make a mil or more a reset easy if your willin to grind it out. Not crazy hard a hemmt is 166 of each ingredient could run that amount witb out a hemmet easy if your in the grinding mood
  11. DankBud

    Custom Faces

    how the fuck they do that?
  12. DankBud

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Er this what i meant to quote idk why my phone did the other one
  13. DankBud

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Its more competitive imo,and thats kinda the point of being a rebel is to do those things.
  14. DankBud

    Keeping your bounty after JB

    I guess.What if you got a option to keep it or not when there is like 30 seconds left? I could understand for the people who are afk in jail or who dont wanna be broke out but they could just stay or like above get the option to stay,keep,or go scott free?