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  1. hahahaha woow #clueless
  2. Ghost hotel is a fair spot.
  3. Not to sure what i was watching,The concept is cool if your going for a new thing to fight for in game,But the reality of this is like stated a couple times above is a week of playing it then its gonna just go stale and or no one will do it cause the amount of cops that are on. Some how yet another thread that was meant to become a positive thing became negative,sure people are tired of the same old hype to become let down in the end again,but the few factors that play in all the down side of the servers being "dead" or gang life being dead is the amount of banter that becomes toxic then that becomes personal somehow an not much is or has been done about it in the last year,then you got cops,people will explain there charges for 10-20 mins just to be robo cop'd or sent to jail because a cop didn't "believe" them,it shouldn't be like that unless its just flat out shit rp,even when you explain your charges an tell the truth how you got the charges cops still don't give you a break,its become a thing of i dont like your gang and or them so fuck em full ticket or jail,Thats just to make them salty over silly shit....That shouldn't be a thing,now if your a new player an get treated like that would you come back? Even higher ups on the APD will give you a 50% increase just because they can if they don't like you an or your gang depending on the little click or group that is on. That shouldn't be like that,if your being salty or a prick sure give em a 50% increase they deserve it,but if there talkin to you an treating you with respect an not being salty an or rude in any way that shouldn't be allowed and people need to be held more accountable to there actions regardless who they know or are affiliated with weather it be a staff member or not. Most try hard cartel gangs have a retarded amount of playtime an or hours before you can even apply to them so you are pretty much forced to play with a smaller gang an or group then you get denied because you played with that gang or group when you wanna move on an try something different an maybe attempt to better yourself at the game or as a player,how can you do that if you are outnumbered against 5 people an playing like that gets old after a while so you more the likely move on to another game that brings you more joy an or entertainment. Server performance is another key thing that has helped alot in the last year that hurt the player base,With BE kicks then not being able to fight for more then 15 mins,then you got all these fools who been DDosin the server or ppl. The only way this is ever gonna change is if the community changes there attitude,when ever we get new stuff it gets shit on before even given a real shot,then that turns into devs an or staff sayin wtf is the point after puttin in hours of work for free to help make it better. so to recap 1)Toxicity 2)APD bullshit 3)Community attitude 4)Server performance Now dont get me wrong about toxicity,Banter an or trash talk is not a issue,it becomes an issue when it becomes personal. Now flame away.
  4. i get this after i get randomly BE kicked,all ive done was just restart it an jump back on
  5. Atleast its something war points can contribute to...Make it cheaper if you have x% amount per title you have during the season,(Maybe) incorporate war kills also? My guess would be to complicated to be worth it,but throwing it out there.Could influence people to fight wars.
  6. we blew him up too
  7. fuck off there working as truly intended
  8. you could just admit you fucked up? instead of draggin this in a thread...100% knew the intentions but yet you still got close....almost along the thing line of de sync ramming,its a 50-50 shot of them living or dying,if they die its VDM..if they dont you got lucky....But you would rather sit here an claim it was some "arma" issue....Thats called first person misjudgement <.<. Hope you sit that 7 days on the bench you meatball
  9. lmao ouch
  10. you know last night i was wondering if this was mason's fault or not,i dont think it was after seeing in this way...Its pretty clear what are intentions are,but yet you fly the way we are coming in...wish he didnt comp that lol..Mason was way to committed for the landing in this video....was like the 4th orca of the night
  11. wtf helllll no...
  12. yea,sounds reasonable,altho i dont think the timer at drug works correct,after you cap it.I had it start capping at 19 min left a few days ago.Having it for min 30 min is enough to make the most out of a meth run while owning it.Don't have to worry about sdar capping anymore.
  13. True it can be,i wouldn't mind seeing them add in something other then the gang bank thing for cartels,kinda make it more valuable/more of a reason to defend it..something like with the % decrease in rebel when you own arms an 2 turfs (used be be able to unlock the mk200's) an cheaper vest's/rpg's. so if you own 2 turfs an arms you get the nice % cut from rebel...Now if you own drug you get a 5-10% increase maybe selling? but this can be played with the 3 turfs depending on what ones you are in hold/control of....Kinda wing'd it on that but always can add to it an what not..
  14. Im not sure what they took out or added with zaros..Tbh never wasted the time unless went to fight who ever was taking it,but even then always got caught up in other things. But something is needed to spice things up with turfs and cartels.
  15. Yea thats true too,I think having those kinda guns(7.62/MK/ak's) in a turf will promote the bigger gangs/groups to treat turf as a priority an that can hurt the newer players who try an venture out an do something different from there norm. Ive always got em for the gang,an with the turf dealer was just a safer alternate then regular dealer to sell at.Even more so when we all played alot an had 1-2k meth to sell each. Plus i wouldn't mind seeing them do something different with turfs,hell maybe even add another one in on the rotation.Although thats prob the last thing we do need atm with server issues an all.