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  1. DankBud

    V2 IS LIVE

    bigger gangs an protect them running drugs
  2. these things are broke as fuck lol...Fun as hell but just as broke... something needs to be done with em on BI's end imo more so then a servers end.
  3. DankBud

    V2 IS LIVE

    Well,from the start of them taking over they have been pretty clear what to expect when it was to drop,A BASIC form of the mod an update all back end/what ever end needed to be done,Since they couldn't find out what was directly effecting the performance of the server with lag an crashes.So they took on the task no one wanted to do over the last 2-3 years.Can't really fix something if you don't know what is broke now can you?. Just remember we all wanted this to happen,now we got what we asked for. Just go for the ride an relax a bit.. P.S...When you updating your A&D server?
  4. When you yolo an doesnt go as planned
  5. Legit dyin right now,so on point lmfao
  6. i hope they fix that shotty <.< thats just silly xD
  7. There not even muchh of a zerg gang tho, half of em show up to fight,unless there makin money together or fighting cops together.
  8. I get what your saying,but thats why they have zaros for the smaller gang
  9. Idk about all of them popping at the same time,But having them pop at a more random time or change the way they rotate could work just as fine imho.
  10. the track suit one,What does that fall under for fatigues? pretty dope tbh
  11. i use this all the time? an its the better version of the ones out there imo
  12. Remove night: No,it goes night maybe 3 times per reset,Dont even stay night long maybe 10mins,the longest it stays night is maybe in the middle to the end of server reset correct me if im wrong.. Remove screen shake.(*) Maybe tweak it a bit down when your hurt like 25% health,feel like at 60% or around it you tend to frame drop here an there more so when server is actin up. Remove painkillers.(*) Nah i think we should keep em,adds a element to fights on both sides.(maybe a talent of some sort at best but even that seems kinda useless) Remove governor taxes for Rebel Outposts(*) Im all for this or fix it,Makes no sense that a governor would taxes rebels,There Rebels they do what they want against the Government.I guess in a "Rp" sense they could be crooked,but nah.To be totally transparent i am sick of 20% taxes,its getting old now. Remove broken legs(*)There is a talent to reduce this,does suck at times but don't jump off high shit an or get hit by cars,plus its arma. Remove 30 day inactive house listing (Only if House Upkeep is added).Im sure there was a reason for this,im sure most people can put aside 15-30 mins to log in within 30 days.Just one time.One day out of 30. Craftable clothing at Black Market Production (Carrier Lites, Tactical Vests, CSATs, Helmets)(*) always was for this idea.Also add pilot coveralls an stop hiding them behind a crate/keys :o.Please. Craftable scopes at Black Market Production (1 Glass, 4 Iron Ingots)(*) Same as above. Ability to sell medical equipment at Hospital and Clinics.(*) Not sure why this would be a thing.Put it in a crate? also seems like something that would just be exploited lol. Ability to process cannabis into Medical Marijuana at Weed Dispensary (Sells for lower price).(*)Should add this as another step an sell for more,an when people buy weed at medical makes a demand for it so price is high/low. Home upkeep (Basically the upkeep system from rust but requiring cash instead of materials and the more money required based off of how many crates you have and how much weight is being used in each crate).I liked the idea of this when i first started playing.But way things are now,nah rather not,not unless you say have an option to upgrade storage or what not for y inventory an guns.So max Y inventory now is i think 1k,first upgrade would be 1250,second would be 1500 for the Max.Then if monthly goals reach max prob bring it over 2k space.Do the same for the I inventory.Have that cost you money over time. 6.5mm Assault Boat(*) Nah,dont see a full purpose for it. Oil processing on the Oil Rig(*) yea,maybe get more rubber less oil? idk 9mm Suppressors at Rebel(*) i dont see why not. Talent to spawn with NVGs(*) yes please. Alcohol Dispensary (Used for crafting legal alcohols (All the current alcohols except scotch)(*) Could be a thing but no one does the other stuff cause its all shit prices tbh,But maybe this could something to a fix if they don't take it out in v2. Reduce maximum prison time to 30 minutes(*) yes please,i think it should be 20 min up until your bounty exceeds say like 500k then max should be 30 min. Pressing plates reduces bail price as well as time (Reduced rate for time)(*) yea something better then what it is now,Should make another aspect with an achievement if you been jailed x amount of times an have different ranks of it maybe,then unlocks something else to take time off.Along the lines of teaching the youngsters in church today to turn there life around blah blah blah. takes like 4-5 mins but has a progress bar that ticks down? Buff weed and heroine prices(*) Heroin i think is just right for price,Also has a duel purpose with guns.Weed should have another step if you choose to do so imo an sell to the dispensary an creates a small market depending on sales in the hospital. Evidence locker in each HQ instead of separate location.(*) No thank you,It should be a fresh spot to fight imo. Buff turtles price or increase spawn rate (If that's even possible)(*) for sure increase spawn rate.I personally don't see a point in turtle meat,its a little to much grinding. Oil Cartel produces rubber instead of money.(*) Agreed.Promote fights for it again. EMTs single heal option instead of items in Y inventory (Just a scroll wheel on the player who needs healed, this would heal to 100 (Or whatever talent they have learned) and give painkillers and fix broken legs (If those aren't removed)(*) Hardly played medic. Increase maximum stamina (If possible)*Buy more redgulls? Simplify ammo repacking (Press R and automatically repack all magazines of the caliber of the weapon in your hands with a 5 second timer)(*)It's easy as hell now? It's not broke don't fix? Switch back to Cartel Dropbox (Instead of Dirty Money have regular cash that can be deposited at any ATM)(*) Helllll fucking no hahahaha,people fight now so it goes into gang bank.Also like 90% of the community wanted it to go to gang bank,now you wanna go back to a roach fest? Police only allowed to strip corpses in red zones.(*)Thought there was a guideline in place for this like no shots for x amount time? or nah? Reduce fly distance over cities to 200m instead of 300m(*) Random one.No comment i guess. Increase Industrial shed maximum crates to 3 with market price increase to 300k(*) You are getting a garage with 2 crates tho. A garage you can lock an hide from people at times. Increase maximum house listing to 10 million(*) is there a house that worth that much tho? Make Zubr legal and sold at gun store(*) Hell yea lol.
  13. Yea,there should be some sort of something for the people who legit sit there yelling an screaming callin them names an shit,98% of the time its the civ talkin shit just cause the fact they got down an is salty,should be like a 5-10 min thing where just let em vent an move on,but if they don't then a cop should be allowed to stick em in the corner for 5-10 min until he wants to talk normal..Some people on here i just don't understand how they get that dam angry. Should definitely have a chat about it cause this plays both ways for civ an cops,cops not as obvious/verbal about it,but comes in a way of a full ticket or added charges..
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