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  1. What would be a solid montage ? Legit question not being a troll
  2. Hexes should be a must,these default ones blend in to much imo.... Quilin's where jacked up cause every one complained about it being a new meta no? 50k is a silly price,but wouldn't that just lead us back to the quilin meta for people to later complain about again....Is buffing the ifrit glass up a bit so you don't get shot out in less then a half a mag,is that a plausible solution an drop the price of quilins to least half?(still prob be a meta,but both sides have what they want this way) .
  3. Yea, must of been multiple captains on the other day then like 3-4 people had em when we tried doing a prison an i wasnt expecting it lol
  4. yea still kinda silly,whats it cost on there end?
  5. ok so the mx sw's cops can get is just dumb lol
  6. The rpg thing only turns everything red an disables it...Im pretty sure if fuel goes red the chances of it blowing up from that are pretty good,just like if you was to hit a wall/rock or w/e an it goes red an spits you out,just run away...I dont think its the rpg per say
  7. Denied.Good luck in future endeavors
  8. More then likley dpi'd him to get the win amirite?
  9. This has been a thing for a long time.Imo if there retired they are choosing to retire there position an what comes with it,maybe be able to keep something as a thank you for there service seems fair,but no doubt its getting to another level of they legit don't give 2 shits an they wont get in trouble for anything an or gets swept under the rug. For the people who are being aids i get it,but even the people who are not being aids they get it just as bad cause there in the same group or gang.Ive told my guys if they wanna push that line dont get mad or salty if they start doing shit back an keep you in cuffs or just send you to jail or w/e takes 2 to tango is the way i see it. Ive seen it alot more in the past couple months that if these cops are around an patrolling around they do as they please,come back as many times as they wish,like sean said pulling w/e they feel like for who ever they feel like.If they would send a text to who ever is doing a prison/fed/bank an just a simple heads up like hey care if we pull this or that an let me know id say most times people dont care or are up for the challenge,But when it gets to the point of them doing it for everything at any time for any reason they seem fit that is imo pushing it a bit to far and is unfair to a point. As far as reporting these issues i feel its kinda pointless casue ive had some people report it and they find smallest reason it gets no action taken.Now if this is due to who knows who i dont know for sure but thats pretty much the only thing that can be thought of when it comes to issues like that. Another thing ive have happen to me an others is cops using the aggression system like civ "red is dead" or they try an "rp" it as such.I get it i do,but they dont announce anything its just get shot on sight,even before we get the chance to re initiate to be on the safe side. this is getting a little to long but the point is there is a issue here that needs to be looked into..But again keep in mind i understand cop isn't the easiest an thick skin is a thing an people including my guys push that line alot,But i feel its become more of a thing to cost people money an play dirty to get the "win" an to get that pay check.Even more so on the bigger gangs/groups. I am pretty sure this has been brought up in the past but never heard anything come from it an it just continues.
  10. he came in hot an with a purpose god dam hahahahha
  11. No need to be a dick to the guy,prob got missed or over looked
  12. Idk if that's the answer,i get it sucks pop is low an shit but,arma it self is sadly on the downside as much as it sucks but that's the reality,Until summer comes i don't see many people coming on like they used to,mainly people get on to fight cartels talk shit then leave..My question is what can be added or done to bring the player base together...E.G Rebels vs Cops at a certain time after restart so more groups try an work together for a main common goal,people made the fights to personal an brought it to another level imo an it killed the drive for people to fight or even try an learn it,plus the people that been banned for cheating an there friends just quit cause that person being a dumb fuck or other gangs just don't give a fuck lol
  13. If you wanna ruffle some feathers take out the Tax shit that governors get while going afk for there time in office.
  14. Dam VC is blind as fuuuck lmao
  15. Have like a huge server wide carnage,career cops vs rebels or something,100% Anarchy before the switch of files..Think it would be pretty neat...Altis Revolution
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