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  1. fuck off there working as truly intended
  2. you could just admit you fucked up? instead of draggin this in a thread...100% knew the intentions but yet you still got close....almost along the thing line of de sync ramming,its a 50-50 shot of them living or dying,if they die its VDM..if they dont you got lucky....But you would rather sit here an claim it was some "arma" issue....Thats called first person misjudgement <.<. Hope you sit that 7 days on the bench you meatball
  3. lmao ouch
  4. you know last night i was wondering if this was mason's fault or not,i dont think it was after seeing in this way...Its pretty clear what are intentions are,but yet you fly the way we are coming in...wish he didnt comp that lol..Mason was way to committed for the landing in this video....was like the 4th orca of the night
  5. wtf helllll no...
  6. yea,sounds reasonable,altho i dont think the timer at drug works correct,after you cap it.I had it start capping at 19 min left a few days ago.Having it for min 30 min is enough to make the most out of a meth run while owning it.Don't have to worry about sdar capping anymore.
  7. True it can be,i wouldn't mind seeing them add in something other then the gang bank thing for cartels,kinda make it more valuable/more of a reason to defend it..something like with the % decrease in rebel when you own arms an 2 turfs (used be be able to unlock the mk200's) an cheaper vest's/rpg's. so if you own 2 turfs an arms you get the nice % cut from rebel...Now if you own drug you get a 5-10% increase maybe selling? but this can be played with the 3 turfs depending on what ones you are in hold/control of....Kinda wing'd it on that but always can add to it an what not..
  8. Im not sure what they took out or added with zaros..Tbh never wasted the time unless went to fight who ever was taking it,but even then always got caught up in other things. But something is needed to spice things up with turfs and cartels.
  9. Yea thats true too,I think having those kinda guns(7.62/MK/ak's) in a turf will promote the bigger gangs/groups to treat turf as a priority an that can hurt the newer players who try an venture out an do something different from there norm. Ive always got em for the gang,an with the turf dealer was just a safer alternate then regular dealer to sell at.Even more so when we all played alot an had 1-2k meth to sell each. Plus i wouldn't mind seeing them do something different with turfs,hell maybe even add another one in on the rotation.Although thats prob the last thing we do need atm with server issues an all.
  10. nah thats to many for one player to have. no one does anything that much they need to grind out 8house worth of stuff and or wanna fill it...
  11. we can only hope right lol?
  12. Not a bad idea tbh,would/could promote to fight it more often...I still feel it be a bit much tho or to easy maybe to get that style of weapon,it should be only a rebel buy-able gun..Sure it would promote more fights in turf and maybe the cartel,but turfs as far as i know meant for the smaller groups/gangs also..
  13. yea,on s2/4 the amount of cops to civ at times is just silly too..so making money with drugs is pretty much out the window or go naked an maybe get lucky?Don't get me wrong it should be a challenge to make money,but with the way UC's are and how that all works makes it that much harder to do anything,more so like you said if everything is all in the same general area east side or west side.
  14. Rotation of drug areas should remain as before it was to easy/stale to rob people an only the bigger gangs really did it an the lone wolf didnt bother/new players would only do a couple times an or when the server is dead at night.That was the main reason it was implemented to begin with if i remember right. Voting on maps before hand is neat an could work,but i think that would just lead to another issue down the road as prob would be OG arms all the time an tower drug an south wongs near drug,again neat/could work,but wouldn't last long i dont think...maybe if you could only vote on them once an then have to chose another location/force it maybe idk. 7.62 in turfs shouldn't be a thing,no one would even bother to go to rebel anymore,sure it would/could generate more fights for turfs,but thats not the intention for turfs,its to get the bonus for gathering faster and or so you can sell your drugs in a more safer an controlled manner. Buff for legal activities shouldn't hurt. The evidence locker thing should be a thing,banks an feds get done from time to time,but get stale with the rinse an repeat an server jumping..Should be a combined thing like x amount of cops on/maybe a certain rank...have to hack into laptops like the PB,have to bolt cut doors maybe or gates,kinda have all the things at one place so you need a team to do it an each person has a role to play in it to make it happen... Now my question to that is,server stability and what would go into it(drugs,guns, gear,bank money seized or money from fed seized?)
  15. any updates on rebel tree an whats going on with the lag issues?