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  1. t swift would approve of this..
  2. eyy,its something we aint just dying in,we can get some kills at times...beware you tough cartel fucks we coming for your spot,be scared
  3. yea,ive had a few even tell me they die a few times balls to the wall just so our bounty goes up more,i dont think issue lies with mechanic it self.
  4. the little things
  5. try microcenter.com i got my 1050ti for like 200 ish,seemed fair vs the others they had
  6. lulz rip
  7. hahahaha
  8. cya

  9. cops on another type of level last few weeks.
  10. loved this show when i was a kid
  11. lmfao hahahha
  12. rofl he said boxing ring hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ETA?
  13. At 1:02 ish DPI much lol?
  14. Nah not the weed maan,Take the cheese!