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  1. Your only question just gave me autism, thanks for that!
  2. It should be difficult not impossible and aids. Not to mention that gold increase, from $32,500 to $35,750, all 15 people it takes will get an extra $250
  3. it only took 3 months to raise gold by $3,250. Amazing
  4. Possibly a couple of minor bugs if you wouldn't mind looking into them. 1) Add the fucking (US Black) Hat to rebel ... i am actually going to fucking die
  5. Bank in pygros? That is quality of life for cop side
  6. i did't see my hat added in this updated and I made it very clear, major disappointment ... heading to farewells @bamf
  7. Topic Locked No Discussion
  8. I am sick of my hat having to go through Discrimination Based on Country of Origin, I have to go all the way to a rebel outpost get my $28k load-out ... only to find a piece missing, now where the fuck is my "Cap (US Black)" all there is is some dogshit "Cap (UK)" That's not even the end of it, little do I know little Gibby is selling it only 2.5k south in the cop ridden town of Athira. So now I gotta plan a stealth operation in order to go in and get my fuckin' hat and not get arrested or shot by a bounty hunter after already getting all my sick merch. When all my problems could be solved if it was simply sold at ur local friendly rebel. I am going to need this implemented ASAP or I will be forced to resign from Asylum by 8.0.4 @bamf Thank You
  9. @william u sound mad
  10. Cause context don't matter its about the views... i didt wanna post the millions of messages of trash talk he sent me and its funny to me that he denys it
  11. To all who think this was some form of RDM, i was initially fighting his gang mate who was in the deer stand and i downed him in the car, so don't get so jumpy