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  1. Topic Locked Thank you for the feedback
  2. I bounty hunt, i need these things
  3. How do you make your chat log so big
  4. As you post on a gaming forum. *accomplishing nothing*
  5. Quick lock the topic it has to do with a player report. Smh this community forums is moderated by cnn
  6. I wonder why they might have changed that? Wierd
  7. Clearly losing all your bounty hunting weapons and $6,500 license was not good enough. They have a skill tree dedicated to being a rouge bounty hunter but then add charges like this making your full price ticket be at $7,500 on top of an already $7,000 gun and $6,500 license. Someone explain how this idea came to be please ... clearly I think this is a very bad policy that contradicts an already shit way to play the game
  8. You just got fucked xD
  9. how did you know???? D:
  10. Easy Fix: You just have to refresh the page That will be $10
  11. temper mad xD
  12. Good meme
  13. You must have not bought him enough rpg rounds ...