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  1. Cause context don't matter its about the views... i didt wanna post the millions of messages of trash talk he sent me and its funny to me that he denys it
  2. To all who think this was some form of RDM, i was initially fighting his gang mate who was in the deer stand and i downed him in the car, so don't get so jumpy
  3. i could just imagine that would mess with all the hexagons to other cops @KevinOB
  4. Something else that has been asked, is that you can filter out the fugitives in the wanted list to who are in prison, on parole (dont need to be wanted), and completely free and wanted. That would be fantastic if possible. With either just a color change on their name in the list or a another column in the apd fugitive list @bamf
  5. ill sell u good house only 10mil
  6. Ez escape from death
  7. gg eeeeezy
  8. you cannot get killed by vdm that is already in the game