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  1. If you are in jail and not wanted the bail sign says "Get out" and you teleport out, get with it man
  2. that is what soft logging is for
  3. thats why i dont donate
  4. What?
  5. pretty sure this is bohemia bug lol, that house is probably the same on editor if you check
  6. ill never get back that 1:11
  7. @Gnashes @bamf
  8. How? they literally already have everything they need
  9. good luck
  10. Topic Locked Thank you for the feedback
  11. I bounty hunt, i need these things
  12. How do you make your chat log so big
  13. As you post on a gaming forum. *accomplishing nothing*
  14. Quick lock the topic it has to do with a player report. Smh this community forums is moderated by cnn