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  1. Sorry, I am a freelance developer now. I work for myself making content I like to work on.
  2. 40% discount should cover these gaming shoes
  3. Image from the Age of Roleplay @Steve
  4. Careful what you say mate, that retired staff tag will be the first to go.
  5. Let me just fix this for you so we can do bigger and better things with our time.
  6. I just made a small suggestion topic to buff the lower end of the apd and the upper end shot it down. Yah, it seems the lower end is the problem smh.
  7. I think you forgot to mention that moderators/admins/captains are given the role of all three roles (medic/warrent/undercover) on top of the 4 medic slots and on top of every cop having the ability to revive anyways those 4 slots + staff (which at this point are almost all career cops) + captains and only one or two is needed to completely abuse the system, as this happens all the time.
  8. What is there to complain about? Its not like the cops have 4 second unlimited revives compared to civs which takes 12 seconds and can only revive once every five minutes. Maybe you mean how civilians get revived at 75% health with a 10min debuff that prevents blood bagging to 100% unless you carry a 1.5k adrenaline shot and also have a 40 second fatigue timer which makes you have to consume a redgull or you simply cannot run while police get revived with no debuff, 100% health, and no fatigue timer. Other than that, seems pretty fair to me.
  9. Delete 2nd lieutenant. Make it so the higher up in the apd you go, the more you are expected to follow the guidebook not less.
  10. apd medical prestige talents
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