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  1. Just wait till you live off of meth, no more suggestions ...
  2. y i k e s
  3. I welcome the two newest mebers of the "didn't get the joke club", Congratulations!
  4. What if I buy camo fedora? RDM?
  5. yikes
  6. all marker types have an angle, that would be aids if not
  7. Topic Removed
  8. Normal Dot Normal Dot Normal Dot Hand Drawn Dot
  9. get rekt idiot, should have seen that coming
  10. you spelled "roleplay" wrong
  11. 10 minutes is a long time man, feelsbadman
  12. I could see this as governor get auto-marked as aggressive(red name) to players with rebel license and taxes are or are above 15% @Gnashes @bamf // There you go, work already complete ... _vcolor = switch (true) do { case((_x getVariable ["gang","0"]) in life_gang_wars || (_x getVariable ["aggressive",-300]) > (time - 300)):{"FF0000"}; // Mean bois case((getPlayerUID _x == (life_configuration select 0)) && ((life_configuration select 3) >= 15) && ((29 in life_talents && license_civ_rebel))):{"FF0000"}; // Gov case(_x in (units group player) && playerSide == civilian):{"00FF00"}; // Friendly default {"FFFFFF"}; // Everyone else };
  13. Your data no longer saves to your profile in their v10 update, it all syncs to a central database, you should be good. You can read it if you like.