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  1. Get blackmail on a lieutenant Kidnap said lieutenant Force him to give you mk1 + laser Shoot said lieutenant
  2. I can't open liveleak on school wifi
  3. ez
  4. I will bet you 500k Logan Paul wins, and I hate both of them
  5. @Gen. Henry Arnold
  6. Nothing makes sense, until it does ...
  7. 288 is the limit per side, with 95 to 100 players and none of the created groups actually do delete, probably fucked: when you are in no group, you are technically in a group of your own all AI/Frozen units such as gas station, drug runner, medical all have their own groups, whome are side civilian All the created groups are still there that players are not in, likely including gang groups that were created By moving all of the AI/Frozen units from side civilian to side opfor would open more slots for the civilian side, and cleaning up the created groups would stop the connecting of players looking for a group, then arma realizing that there is no more room, and you get put in a random group or gang group that you never joined, simply because the limit maxed out there is no "cleanup"
  8. Yah, you could do all that, but i'm pretty sure its just the group system maxing out ... just a guess
  9. It's not like you can't have both white-listed ems and non-white-listed ems, It would not hurt anything to have a higher tier of medics, "never" is a strong word man, and it seems to be what the poll supports
  10. Compensation Denied
  11. What does this mean exactly? @Gnashes @bamf
  12. Its almost like they are all career cops hmmmm ... don't ban me
  13. Have you played on asylum before? What fuckin drug dealer you buying from ... don't ban me
  14. does this mean i get 250k? @Reapered
  15. Had to juice the meme