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  1. Pizza Man

    Preston Garvey | Altis Minuteman

    *Follower gets downed*
  2. Pizza Man

    [2/14] Server Adjustments - Need Stressing

    Mission file size was reduced in latest patch, which should help
  3. Pizza Man

    Change Log 8.3.1

    @Xehons http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/103-farewells/
  4. Pizza Man

    MS paint tutorial

    You literally screenshotted and cropped the paint program rather than saving the original image. Im at a loss for words. Incredible work.
  5. Pizza Man


    We should get paid to take vehicles out of our garage at this level
  6. Pizza Man

    Chess Tournament 2/9/19 8PM EST 1Mil in Prizes

    I don't think my computer can run this chess tournament @Wumbo
  7. Pizza Man


    First one is pretty juicy
  8. Pizza Man

    Change Log 8.3.0

  9. Pizza Man

    Asylum #3

    I was shooting at and killed someone else, didnt even see him until he turned around and I had like 5 bullets left. Calm down gamers
  10. Pizza Man


    Do I go to bed or keep pressing this key?
  11. Pizza Man

    someone do this

    Is this what you all mean when you say the bank causes crashes?
  12. Pizza Man

    Looking for a team

    I don't know any team that wouldent take you with that cute pupper in your profile picture
  13. Pizza Man


    Your welcome for "Icon!" status
  14. Pizza Man

    The Reason We Play Asylum

    Is this a Paratus alt-account?