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  1. I'm pretty certain Jon Snow's sentencing was just to get him beyond the wall where he would be safe, he even questions it asking if the nights watch was still a thing and told tyrion he would probably never see him again. Once he arrives it is occupied by wildlings which he leaves with to go beyond the wall bringing with him all he has left.
  2. Tell @Sean That Irish Guy to stop snatchin and grabin all the gold then. You're talking to the wrong guy.
  3. I have already explained to you in private that smash and grabs are not a thing anymore, there was an increase in fed security and you can expect the police to respond before you can escape with any gold. You seem to not understand that so from now on don't try and sneak into the fed without the proper talents and manpower to take over and extract gold from the federal reserve.
  4. The fed has had an increase in security and it is much easier to be spotted, don't attempt to rob it unless you are ready to fight some cops. The fed instantly going to elevated is not intended and had never happened during testing and when I attempted a robbery on live servers did not come across this issue. I was able to make it 34% into a vault before sounding the alarm, and just fyi I worked on the fed stuff so gen and azeh probably cant help you there.
  5. Pizza Man


    I don't think you will need to worry about the salary anymore? Just for the record its in the 7 figures.
  6. We can't give the entire server beta access.
  7. I think most of the captains agree with you
  8. @Azeh This was a test for the support staff you dum dum
  9. Ah yes, fixed market price ceilings and floors ... very nice
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