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  1. Guess u werent suckin that dick good enough!
  2. Probably a scam to buy more chronic hahahahaha
  3. A few of us were doing a bank the other night and he actually came flying in so low he clipped a cop with one of his wings and killed him.......almost died laughing.
  4. He was so mad hahahahahahaha
  5. Because people like me find houses with 1000 crystal meth
  6. dont show crates when selling....boom...problem solved.
  7. What server did you find those on? And do you still have?
  8. This actually holds 3 crates.......
  9. Alrdy gone my dude
  10. An abdera house??
  11. Damn this muthafucka got some issues!
  12. Look at these mutts trying to dignify themselves. HIGHLARIOUS.
  14. 4.5 k hours?
  15. hahahahahahahaah