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  1. Mr. Fenwick


    Is this a serious question? Smoke a joint retard.
  2. Dont you know? Instead of communicating with you and telling people whats up, they choose to leave you guessing as to whats going to happen with the server.
  3. Considering Abdera houses are popping up on the market almost daily, I doubt you will get an offer. Unfortunate but true.
  4. True, i'm just salty xd
  5. Don't you guys know? Everytime they ''fix'' the servers things just get progressively worse.
  6. Olympus servers actually run very smooth. I've been on for the past week and havent been battleeye kicked once and run a solid 60 FPS (minus the odd frame droppage in cities) this is with the servers full.
  7. Olympus devs at least know basic mathematics. Asylum's doesnt. @bamf go back to school plz.
  8. pfffff like you ever play civ anyways! xd
  9. This is the most accurate description of a house ive ever herd!
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