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  1. PM me pictures and prices please
  2. The Identity thing was supposed to be a meme lol. I don't even own it
  3. Happy Birthday kiddo
  4. Do you guys actually know why we play Asylum? If ego's and reputations didn't exist we wouldn't play. Most gangs now are real gangs. Just a group of people trying to stand out and get into T1 gangs. Gang life is literally all about fighting now. Buy a loadout and die. Loadouts used to be used for way more than a fight. We used them to rob people doing runs; Or driving around and getting into trouble and actually interacting with others. Gangs used to be like a virtual family. You would develop relationships with your gang mates and update them on irl shit. Honestly, why do we play this game? Some play for 8+ hours a day just to play it. They aren't making any money. I believe the reason people still play this game is because Asylum is a great community. People's opinions affect the way you play. If no one had an opinion about how good or bad you were, you wouldn't play the game as much. It's the people who keep this community alive, not the game.
  5. Actually a good tage
  6. Nice one man
  7. lol
  8. @Chrome Not even to disrespect but honestly
  9. That's a big YIKES
  10. Good tage
  11. only 20 bro