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  1. End game is where the fun and grind start.
  2. Well at least the devs are trying to go in the right path. If the servers can't be paid for then there will be no Asylum. If you don't like the rewards on certain tiers then don't donate. If you want this server to stay alive then donate. Simple. I quit a few months ago so I have no clue about the recent patches or state of the servers nor community.
  3. Anyone wanna do duos? Message me and I'll send u my steam id
  4. Lmaoo I remember that bug! When your body would freeze in air, strip naked and fall.
  5. Congrats man! Keep it up.
  6. Thanks
  7. I don't play this game anymore so I didn't feel the need to get more clips. This is extremely short.
  8. You're a pretty helpful person.
  9. Identity would be nice.
  10. Same. I stepped down from SGT to do so
  11. im going to miss u buddy 

  12. Now your bringing up the good days and it makes me sad
  13. Good shit
  14. I have my advice thanks anyways.