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  1. Finger bang finger bang finger bang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang ... lil pump oof
  2. This is a thing already
  3. Go to the world editor and spawn only problem is that custom vehicles won’t show
  4. No life?
  5. It’s not about you lol just because you want a sever you don’t play on does not mean others don’t have stuff to lol
  6. Rip spiking vans
  7. Oof a second sever lmao u better put it to 1 lol jk welcome
  8. Ez kills for mongs who take your turf
  9. You still can get picks on people and they can’t get you unless they snipe u
  10. So
  11. Sever 4 rodo flag view 2 story ez for picks for those mongs who try to take your turf 3 box If you want msg me for details
  12. Yes
  13. Lol
  14. Jake if the shed is still out I want it but I need a few days to get rid of one of my houses lol