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  1. Why toxic???? I did not even know he was in there lmao..... he prob just shit himself when i got down to him.... @Joe (StealthProxy) @Jonesy
  2. Nike Flex Experience RN 7 pretty good shoes and very light and comfy.... Eat lots of eggs and protein, a cup of coffee or some good stuff b4 workout!
  3. So sad kids fighting over this.... grow up he died go back to fortnite
  4. This is a joke
  5. 13 bro @Bobylol
  6. I feel like a Jew for liking this idea
  7. 6 feet under
  8. Rp that he usin both hands xD
  9. What is rp
  10. Me too
  11. Don’t be mean that you get shit on
  12. 1 hour of kavala later
  13. You u calling mong