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  1. Stable servers = Combat that doesnt suck ass.
  2. Performance is increasing because everyone is leaving this dead ass server.
  3. What a fucking rat.
  4. Didnt even link real airpods, linked fakes
  5. All these replies and nobody can link the guy to amazon. I have Sennheiser HD598 SE's and I use a Fiio E10k, does the job, just sits on top of my desk so its easy to access. Does its job,
  6. Didn't actually realise that, I just wiggle it till I feel it go all the way in, glad you got it working though. (FiiO E10k is a good little amp/dac to pair it with if you're interested, not sure if its really needed for 50 ohms but I got it anyway)
  7. I have the 598 SE's. Once you put the cable into the left ear cup, push it up then twist to the right, that should do it. Regarding the first cable, do you mean it ends in a quarter inch plug? it should come with an adapter for quarter inch to 3.5 that you can plug into an Amp/Dac or PC.
  8. I honestly see no difference with a pop filter on/off on my AT2020,
  9. I gave you a pity like, dont worry bb
  10. The end of Asylum was when they decided to give big Gnash some kind of power.
  11. Do you practise bird law?
  12. BaTa, bring back Merchants of Death, need all the Japanese homies to make Asylum great again!
  13. There was numerous times when cops didn't show up and we got out with hemtts FULL of bars back in Synergy, same in Elysium, same with the bank. Sometimes we'd go in for just a small fed with a box truck and end up running to chop to get a second one because nobody bothered to come and stop us.
  14. Get the trial, (I think theres one, if not torrent it) then use microsoft toolkit to activate. Ez.
  15. No that's just the sound of a guy who fucks body pillows.