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  1. It's Krypton so it's allowed. also, well done Papi, proud of you.
  2. I'll happily take 100k from you with no intent of paying it back. Thanks buddy.
  3. Me right now pretty much, I might play a hour of a game then I'm done. I think I'm getting old
  4. Mass kicks, great games must have mass kicks.
  5. Triangle triangle triangle @Bikstok am I oldf*g yet?
  6. I cant risk trying it out, otherwise I'll end up modding my game till it breaks again and get hooked The Journey (linked below) is a really amazing overhaul, over 450 mods and about 31gb in size just for the mods. (Does look like a sketchy link but I promise its not)
  7. Honestly not bothered about watching it because I already know it's going to be god awful. I'll still watch it just not hyped.
  8. I still miss the "This ones for you momma" video shame he removed it
  9. I feel like Paratus may be an AI, testing us to see how we react, how the human mind works and deals with certain situations. How he can make them happy by offering updates, then crushing their souls by making it broken af.
  10. True true, not that keen on the AK though
  11. Shame it was on an Ak and not a Kar98
  12. That's why I said it, Olio banned someone for it.
  13. Alternate? Ew.