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  1. No that's just the sound of a guy who fucks body pillows.
  2. Third person
  3. Smarty did...
  4. +3 for @Gnashes.
  5. I was literally just thinking this, checked and you already got it
  6. People found his facebook years ago, his face isnt a mystery.
  7. You just copy image address, ez.
  8. Do people still expect good things from Asylum anymore?
  9. Play on Asian servers.
  10. Honestly pretty nice.
  11. To Whom it may concern, Do you know how recent, or what version of a Thunderbolt 3 port you have? If it is an older version (if you even have one), the data transfer rate of the eGPU may make it worse than whatever GPU you currently have. Love, Y K G
  12. What the fuck
  13. What even was the link?
  14. I have a suggestion! Let the server die.
  15. Even so, did he have a seizure or something? Still alot to pull down by.